Speeches Videos

Stage A

Self-Esteem or Selfishness: A delicate balance
Nikolaos Vamvakaris BSc MA

Neurotheology as a new challenge of Internal Quest and Psycho-Spiritual Growth
Spyridon Tsitsigos, MA, PhD, ThD

Holotropic Breathwork ™ : Awakening the inner healer
Konstantinos Fytopoulos MD

Mental Resistance in Cases of Crisis and Disaster
Aegean College - Foivi Spei PhD, BSc

Psychological effects at the time of the pandemic
George Charitakis

Hypnotherapy: The Modern Therapeutic Method
Charalambos Soleas

Healing Stress and Trauma with Mental Imagery.
Rachel Epstein

When the unconscious creates obstacles the Horse gives a solution
Dr Niki Markogianni

The collective trauma as a loss of meaning
Manos Takas MSc, PhD

Chronic pain: how we can train our brain to stop the pain habit
Iliostalakti Kontou, MD

Temperamental Nutrition: A new complete mental health and wellness proposal for a truly healthy life pattern
Aggeliki Makri BSc, PhD

Shadow work: find what inhibits the Leader inside you
Vivian Karavanou

Ecopsychology-Connect with Life’s Network by awakening Nature inside you
V.Karavanou & C.Apostolaki

The contact with Art as a factor in promoting Mental Health and Personal Development
Anna Doxastaki B.A., M.A., M.A.

NLP in Psychotherapy
nlpgreece® - Maria Kanderaki

Finding balance in the chaos | Self-tuning and Co-tuning in a changing world
Vasco Gaspar

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Drama – A psychoeducational model that uses interactive fairy tales to enhance social skills in high-functioning children with autism, ADHD, selective mutism and low self esteem.
Haris Karnezi MA, PhD

Detecting the True Self-Healing the World!
Angeliki Petropoulou MD

"The Five Basic Work Needs"
Learn how to recognize the work threats and the reasons why your mental health is destabilized at work

Jennie Kamaradou BBA, MA

Toxic People. How to recognize them, how to protect ourselves, how to set limits
Katerina Kritikou

Subconscious: Friend or enemy? The answer to an ever-lasting problem
Nick Vopis Phd

Deepak Chopra Coaching for Mental Health Counselors
Panos Asimakis PhD

Dreamcatchers: Conscious and lucid dreams
Dimitris Asimakis

Eating Disorders in the COVID-19 Era: Implications and Prospects
Marsa Koletsi PhD

Cell, psychosynthesis and cancer
Ioanna Papaioannou

Dependence and / or dependencies?
Spyros Papatriantafyllou

Educational programs of the Athens Synthesis Center
Panos Asimakis PhD

The Person-Centered Approach to Psychotherapy and Interpersonal Relationships
Maria Eleftheriou MSc

Post-covid era: Transforming trauma into knowledge & wisdom through NLP
nlpgreece® - Α. Efthimiadou PhD, Μ.Antonakaki & Ε.Papadopoulou

Healing the inner Child, an act of love and relief from the accumulated pain & anger!
Maria Vei - Part B

Profession and Self. What they mean for your life and how to balance them
Litsa Kolaiti

The Psychological Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Sports. Ways to Manage and Return Athletes to Their Athletic Routine.
Alexandra Michopoulou MSc

NLP in shielding and enhancing the adolescent's mental resilience
nlpgreece® - Xenia Stefanopoulou

Positive Psychology with 22 EQ Magic Keys & Skills for 2022
Gina Thanopoulou Ed.M. M.A.

Creating A Conscious, Meaningful Life With Love
ICUC - Panos Goumalatsos MSc

Different Days same bullsh@t
Morgan Goodlander

Why so much pain? | An analysis of mental pain through the prism of prenatal psychiatry and psychology
Costas Kafkalidis MD

The psychosocial portrait of the greek man in a rapidly changing world
Elisavet Barbaliou

What is hidden behind our dietary choices? Mapping and reprogramming our nutrition mindset with NLP for health and strength in our daily lives.
nlpgreece®- D.Alexandri & M.Oktoratou

Healing the inner Child, an act of love and relief from the accumulated pain & anger!
Maria Vei - Part A

The Art of Breath

Maria Kotrotsou

Stage B

Biology of feelings
George Haritakis Phd, MD

Training, empowering and organizing the brain - Eulexia: Brain Training
Lina Katsigri Phd

Happiness can be learned - ask better questions and live the life you desire
Nancy Arapoglou

Nutritional Intelligence: The future for a balanced relationship with food
Evangelos Zoumpaneas

Red Carpet with Anger sequins and Violence smoking
Kiki Fanti

Mental Resilience: the Key to Personal & Professional Welfare
Xenia Kourtoglou MSc

Learning to fly
Dionisia Therianou

Hero's Journey - an NLP inner searching approach starring...ourself
nlpgreece® - Judith DeLozier

Human Design: Discover the person you were born to be
Sarah Berjaoui

Professional Success and Satisfaction. The combination that you can and deserve to claim.
Maria Papazoglou

The Power Equation
Athanasios Stergiou MBA

Psycho-emotional resilience and adaptability in times of crisis. A synthetic approach of the 21st century and the method of the Academy of the Heart.
Konstantinos Grapsas

Human relations. Seemingly simple, practically a mountain. Selfishness, insincerity and fear, the triptych of failure
Aris Chalkias

6 steps for Firm Self-confidence
Elena Mouratidou

The Power that Forms our Future
Elena Kotrokoi

You can have what you want
Agapi Kalogirou & A. Vandoros - Part A

You can have what you want
A. Kalogirou & A. Vandoros - Part B

Coach & Coachee: Partners in a path of growth & change
Eugenia (Jenny) Androukaki MBA

ΟΛΟΝ Ίασις® | Successful Leadership through Holistic Consulting & Corporate Wellness with the innovative 9D system. The revolutionary approach applied from individual to corporate level for growth & success
Aggeliki Koskeridou ProfDc, ND, MBA, MSc, BSc(Hons), HND

Manifesting - How to create the life you dream of in 7 steps
Stella Trokana

Neuro-feedback and Self-Regulation: Skill and Technique
Panagiotis Kostopoulos MSc

Peak Performance
Vassilis Andrielos MBA

Why it is a must to be accessible
Sofia Mastrokoukou MSc, PhD

Embrace Difficulties
Marios Yannakou

RETaC, Relation Emotion Therapy & NLP Coaching
Feeling understood, loved and supported

nlpgreece® - Wassili Zafiris

Take care of me
Dionisia Giannopoulou

Leading Change: Changing the story of our health
Myrto-Maria Mylona

Building the Mindset that I choose!
Konstantina Pantoulia

Mindfulness: Calming the Mind, Awakening from Illusions
Olga Papatriantafyllou Μ.Α

Dimitris Tsouchlos

School of Emotions | Emotional Intelligence Training
Nikos Stavropoulos PhD

Emotions: our inner secret counselors in goal achievements with NLP
nlpgreece® - Α.Efthimiadou PhD & P.Mouzaki

Breathing Training for Personal Energy Management
Cristiano Verducci

Financial Unblocking - What does it take to reach abundance.
Litsa Kolaiti

9D Shift Code: Knowledge of numbers, a safe guide to self-knowledge
Apostolia Vasileiou

Esokentrismos (Internalism): a new look at self-leadership
Nancy Mallerou PhD

How Pain Resistance Leads to Success
Chris Papanikas

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: The Role of Learning & Neuroplasticity
Christina Galani

Meditation: An experience that changes your life in the Here and Now
Kaiti Farmaki

Trick or Treat: the brain mechanisms.
NLP in everyday life.

nlpgreece® - Α.Efthimiadou PhD & A.Kretsi

Unfolding elements of communication
Myrto Dimitriou

The Universe, We and the Higher Evolution
Menas Kafatos PhD

The Horse: Our guide to personal development
Dr Niki Markogianni PhD

Transform your relationships
Ch. Piliou & E.Polychronopoulou

Tele-leadership and Women: a new challenge
Eleni Matraki

Cardiac Cohesion & Nervous System Balancing
Maria Lagiou

MINDFULNESS CONSCIOUSNESS. What is MINDFULNESS? Its history and how it got to this day. Its benefits. (Small breathing practice)
Katerina Kritikou

Facing Contemporary Challenges by Cultivating and Adopting Emotional Intelligence EQ Keys
Gina Thanopoulou Ed.M. M.A.

Everyday sexism: The importance of self-knowledge in dealing with it
Elena Stamatiou

Spiritual Life Coaching: Embody your goals!
V. Karavanou & X. Tsiouka

Guided by emotion ... another language of self-knowledge with the support of High Emotional Coaching
Alexandra Konstantopoulou

Unlock Your Mental Resilience
Xanthi Tsiouka

The Ninegram typology as a self-knowledge map
Konstantinos Fytopoulos

The goal of my life should be something I must be and not something I must do
Violetta Psophaki

What do I do when things go wrong?
Ch. Piliou & E.Polychronopoulou

The art of playing a bad card well
Stelios Malakopoulos

Change inside, so that everything around you will change too
Νικόλας Ουρανός PCC

The Developing Self towards Actualization and Transcendence
Aegean College - Lindy McMullin PhD, MSc

NLP-Coaching: The Method of Communication & Change
Χαράλαμπος Σολέας

Lessons of financial intelligence to restore your financial identity
Elina Giachali

The Role Of Myth in Personal Development
ICUC - Lindy – Sannie McMullin MSc, PhD

Stage C

The importance of voice in the era of Algorithms
Nina Kaloutsa

I love money, money loves me!
Lia Zorzou PhD

Achievement of excellent anthropocentric Leadership with the power of 1%
Valentina Kordi

Effective Leadership Laboratory
Gordon Hellas

Flexibility in Business - How to not stop creating
Dimitris Mitrakos

Become a leader in Social Media
Stelios Stylianidis

Mapping uncharted characters - The 4 personalities
Roula Kotoudi

Blockchain will change the world
Erol User MSc MBA

3 simple oversights even skillful Leaders might miss in relation to people selection and development, during highly stressful times.
T. Archontiki MBA & St. Vlachopoulos

Developmental mentality, personal learning system and adopting changes, lead to the organism’s optimal performance
Elina Maxoura

The 12 Archetypes of Leadership
Jessica Margariti

8 things a Leader must know and do
Nektarios Zisis

Family businesses - Problems in relationships & communication of its members
Anna Kontaratou

Η ηγεσία ανοίγει τον δρόμο...
Πέτρος Αθανασιάδης

The leadership paves the way ...
Petros Athanasiadis

Cyber ​​security. Why does it concern us? Is our data valuable and how can we protect it?
Ioannis Ε. Giannakakis

Storytelling through NLP: transformation of leadership
nlpgreece® - Maria Mavropoulou PhD

What makes things happen.
Yannis Microyannakis

Write it all down ... in your notebooks. Practical Ways to Show that Writing is the Simplest Way to Self-Improve and Cultivate Leadership
Petros A. Simos MSc

Financial independence is possible for every Greek man and woman: Findings of a business leader who grew up in Greece and has worked in the USA for 23 years.
Nikos Mavrakis, M.Eng. MBA

Τime management: Take your time!
Konstantinos Karousis

"Professional Personality, Team Roles and Leadership Style."
Develop your Leadership Skills through the Diversity of your Team Stage

Jennie Kamaradou BBA, MA

Do not Sell! Make others buy!
Yiannis Tzavlopoulos PhD

Violence and Harassment in the Workplace, Workplace Bullying - Defeat them
Ioannis Marketos MBA

From mapping Leading Minds to Artificial Intelligence NLP: modeling excellence
nlpgreece® - Α.Efthimiadou PhD & Ι.Athanasopoulos

Soft skills. What they are and how we can develop them
Katrina Boulougari Phd

Multiplying profits in small- middle business and freelance profession. It requires a clever way and less hard work
Sophia Tsoli

Heart Based Leadership
Howard Martin

NonViolence or NonExistence - Humanity at crossroads!
Arun Gandhi

Development of future work places for the human workforce
Dimetris Panopoulos

Businessman out of Need or out of Vision
Spiros Andrianos

Truly Human Leadership
Marea Laoutari

Company as a Human Organization
Christos Tegos

The 8 Human Needs in Life and Leadership
Nicolas Smyrnakis MBA

Critical Factors to Success in the Health Ecosystem. The difference that makes the difference
nlpgreece® - Robert Dilts

The Regeneration of the Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki and its role in the new faace of the city
Tasos Tzikas

Paths of technological innovation in culture
Dimitris Efraimoglou, CEO of the Foundation of Hellenic World

Creating the city of the future guided by sustainable anthropocentric development
Grigoris Konstantellos PhD, Mayor of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni

Sustainable and improved cities for every citizen
Dimitris Papastergou Mayor of Trikala

The heart of Pontian Hellenism beats in Elliniko
Giannis Konstantatos – Mayor of Elliniko Argyroupolis

Kaisariani Area! The route of a historic city towards the future. A local-governing experience!
Christos Voskopoulos, Mayor of Kaisariani

Success is Impossible without the Proper Mindset, make the impossible, possible with the MindsetMaps™ Program.
Marianna Antonakaki MA

"Difficulty"… Opportunity or threat?
Apostolia Vasileiou

Teacher with Vision and Financial Intelligence - How? Online Entrepreneurship in Education
Sofia Avramidou

Fake News και Fact Checking in Digital Era
Athina Korovesi MSc, MA, PhD Cand.

Attica: First in the fields of digital transition and innovation
George Patoulis, Regional Governor of Attica

Planning for sustainable development in the small Aegean islands. The example of Astypalea
Nikolaos Komineas, Mayor of Astypalea

The struggle for the upgrading of the quality of life of the inhabitants of Western Athens: The case of the Municipality of Haidari
Vangelis Diniakos, Mayor of Chaidari

Urban Sustainability, from theory to practice. Compiling Sustainable Development Reports
Maria Androutsou MSc, Mayor of Ag. Dimitrios

Municipality of Alimos: good practices in "small" and big issues of a city.
Andreas Kondylis, Mayor of Alimos

Conflicts and effective Decision Making with NLP. The NLP system in effective decision making for negotiations, mediation and conflicts.
nlpgreece®- Ι.Athanasopoulos & P.Tsagkas

Creating Soul-Centric Marketing Experiences!
P.Barbarigos & G.Koukoula

Hellas Network: The next day in business belongs to the Training of Executives
Th.Georgedakis - Ch.Tegos

How an inspired Leader utilizes the Johari Window
Nasos Fotopoulos

Visionary Capitalism
Elio D' Anna

Stage D

Effective Parent Workshop
Gordon Hellas

Vocational Orientation: From the Test to the Approach
Panagiotis Kostopoulos

Fertility, Infertility & Assisted Reproduction: Can the Fertile Mindset make a difference to our outcome?
Elli Papadopoulou, BSc, MBA

The 3 Steps to choose your studies!
Konstantinos Kotios PhD

"Teenage Anger". Survival Guide for Parents!
Julie Vlassopoulou

Self-knowledge and Family
Erotokritos Kimionis

Parents and teens: from conflict to effective communication with NLP techniques
nlpgreece® - Xenia Stefanopoulou

What is autism coaching and more
Anna Konstantinidou

Why I became a Podiatrist
Manos Arvanitakis

Light and Cellular Energy
Angelos Kanakopoulos

Woman and Sexuality
Zisis Papathanasiou

45 years of the Hellenic Society for the Fight against Rheumatism - Our story and work, Pain and Rheumatic Diseases - How patients experience it
Athanasia Pappa

Oral conditions, as an expression of our psychology
Efi Stergiadou MSc

Relationships between family members - Resolving disputes in court and out of court - Small daily steps for a happy family life
I. Lagoumidou LLM & Α. Kontoleon

Divorce: how this painful procedure could not scare us. Child mental health and care
Maria Rota MSc

Leading Generation Plan in Medical Aesthetics
Alkistis Prinou PhD

Cancer. Who you are; Where do you live; How do you live
Ioannis D. Spiliotis MD, PhD, FASPSM

Become the best version of yourself with the evolution of Medicine: Robots and VARs, stem cells, peptides, NAD + and more
Dimitrios Tsoukas MSc

Stress and its effect on the health and life in all ages (from fetus to adult)
Eleni Tsoukali MD, PhD

Violence against Women, today
Niki Roubani

MBS College of Crete: Excellence and benefits of international university education in Greece
MBS College of Crete – Vasiliki Avgeli PhD, MSc, BA (Hons)

What is family coaching
Άννα Κωνσταντινίδου

From conception to birth: harnessing NLP to build life and healthy relationships among baby and family
nlpgreece® - Μ.Antonakaki & Ε.Papadopoulou

From Happiness to Success: The role of Vocational Guidance for the correct choice of studies and profession
Dr Christos Tsaousanis

Nutritional supplements in the fight against COVID-19: protecting the immune system of the leader and his people
Power Health - Pegi Athanasiou MSc

Innovating Smiles: Let's discover the stomatognathic system
Thanos Stamos DDS

Health and Principles of children and tomorrow’s adults are founded at the pre-natal stage of life
Ioanna Mari

The psycho-emotional health of the parents during the Perinatal Period
Aegean College - Aristotelis Koinis MA, MSc, PhD

What is divorce coaching
Anna Konstantinidou

Transnational adoptions and multiculturalism
Despina Oikonomou, ΒΑ, ΜSc

The importance of sleep for the child and the family. How can we improve it?
Ioanna Kouri MD

Creative Dialogues in Family and School with NLP system techniques
nlpgreece® - Α. Efthimiadou PhD & D.Kyriakopoulos

Hidden forms of violence within the family
Rania Thraskia Msc

Who are your parents? The origin of your pet matters!
Theodosis Panpandreou

Critical Thinking and Media Literacy
Eleni Matraki

The world by 2049 and how to predict the future
Dimitris Dimitriadis

Artificial intelligence, robots and legal personality
Vagelis Papakonstantinou

The Metaverse Revolution
Erol User MSc MBA

Social and Artificial Intelligence. A challenge for the present and the future!
Panayiotis Tsantilas MBA, MSc, BSc

Bioelectromagnetic Medicine - A Bridge to Early Diagnosis and Treatment
Ioannis Anagnostopoulos MD, PhD

Uncovering the spatial structure of family ties: a mental space psychology approach of family relations
nlpgreece® - Lucas Derks PhD

Vegan life - A New Life: The way of life for the new era
Kaiti Farmaki

Human Design: Understanding your children
Sarah Berjaoui

NowLetsPlay ® ™ EnterTraining Our Future™: the path to Genius, for Children, Parents & the Child Within.
Marianna Antonakaki MA

Conscious Parenting: The Fundamental Skills
ICUC - S. McMullin MSc, PhD & P.Goulamatsos MSc