Xenia Kourtoglou MSc | Leading Mind Speaker

Xenia Kourtoglou, a graduate of Pierce & Deree Colleges, began her career in 1985, while still a student and the mother of a 2-year-old daughter.

In 1988 he founded Focus Bari, a leading research company in Greece with international recognition and networking. For 30 years and on its own initiative, Focus Bari established and developed the field of Media Research in Greece.

In 2014, Xenia won the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (Envolve) with its innovative e-satisfaction, the first human-centered platform for optimizing the customer experience in e & omnichanel commerce, currently used by 350+ retail organizations in Greece.

In 2021 she founded MEX, a physical and mental health center in Corinth, which supports people to evolve holistically – mind, body, soul – as she decided to stay permanently at her holiday home in Nerantza, Corinth and work remotely.

Xenia Kourtoglou is active in volunteer work in the business community, supporting actions for women leadership and youth entrepreneurship. With an innovative and open mindedness, Xenia is often a guest speaker at local and international conferences, as an “evangelist” of modern human-centered entrepreneurship, focusing on the customer experience as a common goal of all employees in each organization.

Having taught for 14 years at Panteion University (1997-2011), from this year she implements a series of self-leadership workshops at IEK Europroodos in Corinth, and is a regular guest speaker at Universities, Startup Incubators, and conferences on entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development.

In her volunteer work, Xenia Kourtoglou supports women and young people: she is a supporter of I for U for women entrepreneurship, a member of the European Business Mentors, and a mentor at Eurobank EGG, having supported over 150 startups.

Xenia strongly believes in lifelong learning, something she emphasizes with her personal example: in 2015 she was certified as a Business & Executive Coach with the Triple Certification in Coaching by ICPS, and in 2020 she completed her postgraduate course in Person-Centered Counseling & Psychotherapy from University of Strathclyde.

In 2018, DIOPTRA published its first book entitled “The Best Opportunity is NOW!” a personal development book, best seller in its category from the first two months of its release.

Xenia Kourtoglou’s vision is to contribute to the development of societies and businesses through personal development and self-leadership.

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Mental Resilience: the Key to Personal & Professional Welfare


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