Angelos Kanakopoulos | Leading Mind Speaker

Aggelos Kanakopoulos has studied Preventive Medicine and Anti-Aging at the International Medical University of Dresden (DIU), is a graduate of IGIA cosmetology and the Higher School of Economics and Business of Kapodistrian University. He speaks 2 languages ​​fluently: Greek and English.

He has been a marketing consultant at SYNTEX USA and MENTHOLATUM in USA and UK. He has also worked as a scientific marketing consultant for SMITHKLINE BEECHAM in South Africa and for UP JOHN in Belgium.

He has been a speaker on many lectures related to medical and financial issues. It is worth mentioning some: “Facing the Economic Crisis” (7 th Antiaging Medicine World Congress 2009 – Monaco), “Basic Rules of Marketing for Med Spa” in Hong Kong in 2010, “The Marketing of a Modern Clinic” 2005 in Paris , “Skin Health and regenerative medicine” (seminars held in Europe, the Middle East and Asia from 2005 to 2015), “How to Tie the Patient to your practice forever”, in Singapore and many others and continues until today.

In addition, he has participated in a variety of world-class medical conferences, such as: 1998-2015 IMCAS in Paris, DUBAI Derma from 2003-2016, AAD in the USA from 2000-2015, KUWAIT DERMA 2005-2016, AMWC-IMVAS-AAD 2015-2018 , as well as lectures around the world on cellular autologous mechanisms from 2018 until 2021.

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Preventive Medicine and Anti-Aging
Speaker about medical and financial issues


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Light and Cellular Energy


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13/02/2022 11:00