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Giannis Konstantatos was born in Argyroupoli in 1976 and has two sons, Konstantinos – Gerasimos and Dimitris, 11 and 7 years old respectively.

He is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Department of Communication and Mass Media of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. Holds a MASTER in Business Administration from the University of Durham, UK.

He competed for 13 years in the swimming team of ANO Glyfada. In 1993 he was the runner-up of Greece in the 4X200 freestyle.

In the period 2002-2006 he was President of the “Association of Kefallonians of Argyroupolis & Southern Suburbs”.

Until his election as Mayor, he worked for 12 years as a senior executive in a large satellite telecommunications company as well as a communications consultant to companies and politicians.

Author of four historical novels (“The Last Opportunity”, “Opposite Destiny”, “The Greek Regent of Siam” and “The Savage”) with which he won the recognition of the people of letters and culture.

In 2014 he received an honorary proposal from the competent committee for his registration as a member of the Society of Greek Writers.

In the period 2007-2008 he was Deputy Mayor of Education and Culture. Established the very successful annual cultural institution of the three-day “Youth Festival”

In 2010 he founded the “Fight for the Future” faction with the participation of many young people and occupies the 2nd place in the municipal elections of the same year.

In 2013, he was unanimously elected leader of the “United City”, the large independent faction born of the unification of the three former factions “Struggle for the Future”, “Modern City” and “Renaissance”.

In 2014 he was elected Mayor of Elliniko – Argyroupolis and in 2019 he was re-elected Mayor of Elliniko – Argyroupolis from the first round with a percentage of 68.23%.

In 2019, he is appointed President of the “Hellenic Investment Management Body”.

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Mayor of Elliniko Argyroupolis
President of the “Hellenic Investment Management Body”
Member of the Society of Greek Writers


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The heart of Pontian Hellenism beats in Elliniko


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19/02/2022 14:00