Anna Kontaratou | Leading Mind Speaker

Anna Kontaratou after decades of experience in business arena, as in the architectural / construction sector, nowadays is involved in Business Coaching & Personal Coaching.

Business experience coupled with her coaching studies  that offered her significant business coaching advantage.

Her goal is to inspire  people to become the best version of themselves. Anna achieves this by helping them on a professional & personal level to evolve & grow.

She has founded the company AKV Professional Coaching based in Athens. She practices business coaching in companies in Greece and abroad, helping entrepreneurs to improve various areas of their business, overcome the difficulties they face and grow their business so that it is viable and profitable.

Her main hobby is her personal development. Annaeads books, participates in seminars, lectures and self-improvement groups. The knowledge she has gained during her 27 years of work has given added value to her work.

Anna, her husband & their four children are an animal-friendly family, so they are constantly collecting stray animals, who spend their lives happily in their house in Pallini!

When her children were young they had chickens, rabbits, goldfish & hamsters. Today they have only 5 hens and 6 dogs!

Her whole family is vegetarian. Her hobby is cooking and she likes to cook original vegetarian recipes, in response to all those who ask “Are you a vegetarian? But what do you eat !! ”

Anna as a steady and systematic charitable activity in NGOs and local associations. She believes that we need to look beyond our ego and help, support and care for our fellow human beings.

The key to her success is her dedication & persistence in her goals, as well as her self-discipline.

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Founder of AKV Professional Coaching
Business Coaching to companies in Greece and abroad Personal Coaching


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Family businesses – Problems in relationships & communication of its members


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13/02/2022 13:00


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