Alexandra Konstantopoulou | Leading Mind Speaker

Alexandra Konstantopoulou lives and works between Greece and Cyprus.

As a Leadership Coach & Self-Awareness Mentor, she supports executives, people who hold positions of responsibility in companies and organizations and professional coaches, who want to bring a balance between personal and professional life, through observing and managing their emotions.

Recently, she created High Emotional Coaching, through which she supports men and women of all business and professional backgrounds to become Self-Leaders and to balance their emotional world in order to turn the emotions that block them into a driving force for achieving their goals and the life they want to live.

Through a variety of creative and experiential exercises, the appropriate and dynamic questions and visions help the clients to focus on the emotion their feels every moment and support them in the choices and action plan that they create with the aim of always feeling the emotion they want to experience. As she has experienced and continues to experience changes in her personal life, she has set herself the goal of supporting other people to remember their true Self.

Alexandra holds a degree in Coaching & Leadership from the Global Academy of Coaching, an ICF (International Coach Federation) certified training program. Believing in and actively supporting lifelong education and spiritual expansion and aiming for lifelong development and learning, she completed her second coaching degree in 2021 at Jungian Coaching School, a degree that combines Jung’s Unconscious Psychology and Coaching skills. another training program certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation). This year (2022), continuing her personal training and development, she started attending the series of workshops “Gestalt Coaching in Business & Organizations”, at the Gestalt Foundation.

Her articles and interviews have been published on,, and in the magazines “Health”, “Prevention” and “Opinion”. Alexandra is a member of the International Coaching Organization “The International Coach Federation”, the European Council of Mentoring and Coaching of Cyprus, the International Society of Female Professionals and the Hellenic Association of Women Professionals (S.E.G. E.).

In October 2020, her desire to offer and support the whole society led her to the establishment of “Actually I Can… Healing & Coaching Etheric Academy COM.S.OP” together with five other dynamic and creative women.

Through the social cooperative enterprise “AiCAN COM.S.OP”, of which she is a Founding Member and President, offers her services to companies, municipalities and non-profit organizations through the organization of trainings, seminars, lectures, personal sessions, conferences and self-awareness and wellness festival, supporting vulnerable groups of society (minors and adults), individuals and professionals.

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Leadership & Jungian Coach
Self-Awareness Mentor
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Creator of High Emotional Coaching
Co – Founder and President of «Actually I Can…Healing & Coaching Etheric Academy COM.S.OP


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Guided by emotion … another language of self-knowledge with the support of High Emotional Coaching


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Date and Time

19/02/2022 21:00