Nikos Mavrakis, M.Eng. MBA | Leading Mind Speaker

Nikos Mavrakis grew up in Rhodes and at the age of 17 he went to the USA to study. He holds a BA and an MA in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Technology Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ.

Since then he has lived in Washington, New York and Miami, Florida because of his work. Throughout his career, Nikos has worked for both the government and the private sector and is currently a senior executive at a startup technology company (unicorn, worth over $ 7 Billion).

Until 2017, Nikos worked at the Pentagon as an officer for the US Army Department of Science and Engineering, effectively being the focal point of contact between 16,000 members of the civilian staff and the Pentagon. In 2019, he left the Federal Government to help a newly listed technology company (NYSE) set up the company’s engineering support department. Within 3 years, Nikos’s team grew by 600% and spread to 6 cities in America and India, while serving 22,000 customers.

Despite his leading roles, Nikos calls himself a student of life. Constantly seeks guidance from world-class individuals and skilled professionals. His ability to solve complex problems, along with his desire to discover and cultivate the potential of his fellow human beings, led him to pursue a career in coaching.

As a high performance coach, Nikos succeeds in paving the way for people from all over the world to achieve their next professional and financial goal. He is also the founder of Financial Freedom Mastermind, which this year will be held online in Greek for the first time. This program provides the necessary information and strategies to achieve financial independence as Nikos did under the guidance of his billionaire mentors.

Nikos’s experiences from his life and his activities in Greece give him a unique privilege to be able to guide people who are active in Greece without being limited by the way of thinking and acting of the Greek reality.

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Founder of Financial Freedom Mastermind
High performance coach


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Financial independence is possible for every Greek man and woman: Findings of a business leader who grew up in Greece and has worked in the USA for 23 years.


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Date and Time

13/02/2022 21:00