Panos Asimakis PhD | Leading Mind Speaker

Panos Asimakis has studied psychology and history (BA), University Administration (MA) and Psychology (MSc, PhD).

He is a certified psychosynthetic life coach and has been trained in meditation, Ayurveda and coaching Deepak Chopra.

He has published more than 20 books by Deepak Chopra in Greek (asimakisbooks).

He is the founder of the Lifelong Learning Center I.

He is the president of the Hellenic Society of Synthetic Counseling and Psychotherapy.

He has been the President of the National Society of Psychotherapy of Greece (EEDE), the Hellenic Counseling Society (EES) and the European Society of Synthetic Psychotherapy (EAIP).

He has written or edited, among others:

Postgraduate Studies in Greece, The Psychology of Consciousness, Modern Psychotherapies: From Theory to Application, The Training of Psychotherapists in Greece and the latest Collective Consciousness, Group Meditation and Social Change with a commentary by Menas Kafatos, and a foreword by Ioannis N. Nestoros.

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Deepak Chopra Coaching for Mental Health Counselors


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Date and Time

17/02/2022 19:00


+30 210 3210033