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For more than 25 years I lived a ‘double life’. At one point, as a C-suite executive in leading companies in the field of advertising and television, I was dynamic, competitive, focused on goal and result. On the other hand, as a group coordinator in training and therapy areas, I was supportive, patient, focused on the relationship and the person. Considering these two materials, ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, completely incompatible with each other, I kept these two properties separate from me. Until I discovered that they are interconnected and interdependent.


By combining them, as an Executive Coach, I empower Individuals, Teams and entire Organizations to pose, perform and often overcome challenging andambitious goals, regardless of circumstances and difficulties. And at the same time – but equally important – to enjoy the ‘journey’.


Connecting them. First with themselves. Their talents, their creative part, their deepest values, their personal meaning of life. With their Team and Organization. With their collective sense of mutual development and mutual support, achievement and belonging, the corporate culture. And of course with the wider environment inside and outside their professional context.


For the last 5 years I have had the joy and honor to work with my partners, with People and Teams from leading Organizations, such as AB Vassilopoulos, AIA (Athens International Airport), Archirodon, Astra-Zeneca, Biomedicine, Citibank, Coca- Cola 3E, Cosmote, National Insurance, ELPEN, Eunice Energy Group, Europa Aluminum Systems, First Data, Franman Germanos, HFSF, Interamerican, Kefalonia Fish Farms, Latsco, L’Ooreal, Marinetraffic, Medtronic, Menarini, MSPS, PNf Novartis , P&G, Pepsico, SEB, Teva / Spesiphar, Technomar, TEeleperformance, Titan, TNT Skypak, Volvo Car Hellas, VW Group, Educational Institutions such as EEDE, EIAS, EIEE, Essential, OTE Academy, Universities such as AOP and PA.PEI and NGOs such as KETHEA, Arsis, etc.

And why?

“Hard” materials are measurable, they can be easily imprinted on a sheet of paper. They look like something solid, giving you an easy way to evaluate performance, KPIs, progress, claim a bonus, and / or ‘hide’ behind them. The ‘soft’ materials, however, are the basis. It’s the real reason you do the job you do and you get the results you have. In a paradoxical way, however, most of the time, the hard is easy and the soft is difficult.And finally, perhaps most important of all, by mixing these two materials, Humans, Teams and Organizations significantly improve their results not only in ‘intangible’ areas such as communication, collaboration and commitment to common goals, but also in very ‘tangible’ areas such as growth, revenue and profitability.

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