nlpgreece® - Maria Kanderaki | Leading Mind Speaker

Maria Kanderaki is a guest speaker of nlpgreece®, Alexandra Efthimiadou PhD. Maria is combining studies in two different scientific fields:

  • Human Resources Management
  • MSc and Systemic Therapy & NLP

so that she can help individuals, groups, businesses in aspects of communication, relationships, crisis management, and generally ecological human interaction.

She has been trained – certified on Systemic Theory & Family Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis Food Psychology & Food Disorders, in Post Traumatic Stress Treatment.

She has established the Institute of Neurolinguistic Programming NLP in Crete where she works as an NLP Trainer and a Family Therapist.

She has many years of adult education as she has taught in many colleges such as Technological Institute of Crete, Tourism School, Trinity College.

She is a certified adult trainer with more than 10.000 hours of teaching.

She is a member of Hellenic Association of Family Therapists, of Global Training Community of NLP, European Board of NLP, Hellenic Board of NLP and she is a board member of Global Body of NLP.

Speaker Services

NLP – Mindset Education:
– NLP University Certification studies
– Customised programs for personal development, professional excellence, coaching & consulting, health & well-being, education & family
– Personal sessions


Speech Title

NLP in Psychotherapy


Stage A

Date and Time

14/02/2022 20:00