Julie Vlassopoulou | Leading Mind Speaker

My name is Vlasopoulou Julie, I am a Mental Health Consultant and I have an office in Patras. I am a graduate of Counseling Psychology and Biothymic Psychotherapy – Clinical Hypnosis of the Athens Center for Applied Psychotherapy and Counseling. I have offered services of my subject to the Association for Mental Health SOPSY Patras. I have also completed my training in Mindfulness. I have attended training seminars of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens as well as training seminars for Parents – Couples, Mourning and Children – Adolescents and Life Coaching.

I train in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (CBT) and I am constantly trained in the new data of my scientific field.

Through specialized studies in Counseling Psychology I provide counseling services to individuals or groups, parents or couples.

I apply Biothymic Psychotherapy in order to recode emotions that cause mental disorders. Clinical Hypnotherapy treats problems by accessing the individual’s subconscious and provides solutions to negative associations.

Through my therapeutic work I make it possible to deal with dysfunctions such as anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, phobias, mourning, eating problems, smoking cessation.

Through a constructive communication with scientific protocols and confidentiality, every difficulty is solved, which concerns yourself, your interpersonal relationships, your professional life and the problematic adaptation to new life situations.

The mood for personal growth and development through the path of self-knowledge brought me closer to this professional activity.

Knowing better myself and recognizing the inner sources as well as possibilities, I began to perceive and discover the same sources in the people around me.

So with the goal, through therapeutic work, to become a companion in this journey of self-knowledge and self-care, I hold in my hand a flashlight … a flashlight that will illuminate the sources of knowledge, wisdom and power that all people without exception have within us …

As a Mental Health Specialist, I respect the time and the particularities of each person who visits me. Due to the fact that the treatment process is personal and unique for each patient.

I just pledge to stand by him on this exciting journey, though for as long as he allows me …

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Mental Health Consultant
Clinical Hypnotherapist


Speech Title

“Teenage Anger”. Survival Guide for Parents!


Stage D

Date and Time

12/02/2022 16:15