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Sofia Avramidou is a Career Transformation Coach and supports people who want to make their Job Transformation a reality and make a Career Turn with an emphasis on Online Entrepreneurship.

With a background of 15 years as a Teacher in tutoring groups and working as a freelance,she has trained hundreds of pupils, students, business executives in Greece and Abroad in Business English, Philological, Greek for foreigners. Recognizing the challenges of Lifelong Learning, she decided to upgrade her career and be certified as an EOPPEP Adult Instructor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2018. At the same time, she discovered her first Coaching mentor, Kaizen Consultant Mike Grogan. She then began a journey of Self-Knowledge and Professional Development to put her Business ideas into practice without support but breaking social stereotypes.

She has studied History-Archeology at AUTh, Piano-Harmony at DUTH, Certificate in Coaching from the international association Association for Coaching and Life Coaching, Brand-Marketing, Neurosciences and Education at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens .

She has embarked on international Coaching studies with Forbes Coaches Ajit Nawalkha, Dr Neeta Bhushan at the Global Grit Institute. She was trained in Counseling, Mentoring and Vocational Orientation, Digital Marketing, Money EQ, and is also registered as a LAEK-OAED Rapporteur.

Now, as a Certified Coach, she has organized over 45 Personal and Professional Development Seminars in the last year and runs the only online Subscription Program in Greece entitled “Learning for myself- Upgrading my Career” with the aim of acquiring Skills necessary for Work such as Self-Confidence – Assertiveness, Stress Management, Time Management, Financial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship.

As a Teacher Mentorshe created the “Greek Tutor Academy” the first Business Mentoring program especially for freelancing Teachers and has trained over 50 teachers in their Vocational Empowerment, Personal Branding, Digital Marketing, Financial Intelligence / Independence and evolution to Online Professionals.

At the same time, as a Certified Career Counselor by Ariston Psychometrics and the English organization NOCN, she grants students, employees and employers with the world-renowned ARISTON Career Test and supports individual Career Counseling sessions on this Career Tool.

She is a Regular Member of HCCMA (Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring Association of Greece), a founding member of Mentoria-Education without Limits and with great pleasure participates as a Mentoring Women Entrepreneurship in the social organization Women Do Business.

Her favorite motto is “I learn for Me, I learn for my sake, because I chose it” and that’s why she encourages everyone to try and design with her Strategy through Lifelong Learning & Self-knowledge, for a happy Professional and Personal life!

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Teacher with Vision and Financial Intelligence – How? Online Entrepreneurship in Education


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19/02/2022 19:30