Petros A. Simos MSc | Leading Mind Speaker

Petros A. Simos is a Business Consultant and Business Coach.

He has a degree from the Law Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and three postgraduate degrees in:

a) Legal Informatics and Electronic Commerce

b) Business Administration and

c) Counseling Psychology.

But his passion for the last 15 years is focused on two areas:

1. Innovative Entrepreneurship and

2. The Neurosciences.

He is the founder of the website with 35,000 annual unique users and 1-10 Google search positions for the terms: “business consultant”, “business plan”, “investing money” and over 30 other keywords.

Since 2020 he is the co-founder of the website with 10,000 annual unique users and emphasis on Business Self-Improvement Tools.

He is a man of both Technology and Psychology and likes to constantly learn new fields and apply new techniques first to himself and then to his clients.

He has three children and a wife, who teach him practical management every day and he is a fan of the quote: “You are not what you did, you are what you want to become”.


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Speaker Services

Business Plan – 3.720€
Mini Business Plan – 868€
Mind Mapping for Individuals (Clearing Ideas) – 372€
Business Coaching – 235€


Speech Title

Write it all down … in your notebooks. Practical Ways to Show that Writing is the Simplest Way to Self-Improve and Cultivate Leadership


Stage C

Date and Time

13/02/2022 20:00


+30 2109506692