Roula Kotoudi | Leading Mind Speaker

Ms. Roula Kotoudi is an Economist – Business Consultant & Executive Trainer, MBA PAMAK, MBA University of LINCOLN U.K., with Certified Specialization of the University of the Aegean in Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy.

She is the owner of KPR Consulting, a Consulting Company & Human Resources Training and is active as an Executive Trainer & Career Consultant – Coaching & Mentoring in SMEs and has a long experience in training Executives, Organizations & Public Services, Industries, Businesses, Crafts & Companies. & Health Areas.

She is a certified speaker by EOPEPP, and EKDDA and participates as a regular speaker at conferences in Greece & Abroad.

She was a contributor to E-Business magazine, a columnist for the newspaper Aggelioforos & Chief Editor on an ERT-3 program.

She participates in Professional Associations, Chambers, Associations and Associations

Speaker Services

Education & Training of Business Executives & Organizations & Public Services
Coaching and Mentoring
Consulting & Media Organization


Speech Title

Mapping uncharted characters – The 4 personalities


Stage C

Date and Time

12/02/2022 16:00