Marea Laoutari | Leading Mind Speaker

Marea Laoutari graduated from the Athens University of Business & Finance and she received her Masters Degree in Communications fromthe University of Manchester, UK.

She worked for more than 15 years in Public Affairs & Corporate Communications for companies such as Coca-Cola, Rolls-Royce, Apivita, Bold / Ogilvy & Mather and Spot Thompson.

She received her Certification in Strategic Intervention Coaching from the Internationally renowned Peak Performance Coach Tony Robbins and the legendary family psychotherapist Cloe Madanes, in San Diego

Marea is Tony Robbins’ 1st Certified Coach in Greece. Marea has also been trained by the Founder of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKeena and she has been certified by Dr. Georges Philips in Gold Counselling.

Recently she received another Certification in Pet Psychology.

Marea has founded her company 1+1=2 Life & Business Coaching in Athens, in 2010 and ever since, she has worked with thousands of private clients, executives and businesses both in Greece and abroad. She is the creator of the No.1 life changing coaching program “Breakthrough”, and “The Relationship School”. Both programs are attended by hundreds of people every year. Some of her business clients are
Coca-Cola, Wella, Mondelez, Unilever, Danone, Aqurance, Pireaus Bank, Eurobank, Palso and others.

For 3 years Marea had her column “Meet the Life Coach” in the TV program “Dot” that is nationally broadcasted by SKAI TV. She collaborates with HIT Radio and is a trainer in the online educational platform “Open Academy”.

Marea is married and has a 10 year old son.Read more here

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Founder of the company 1 + 1 = 2 Life & Business Coaching
Life Strategist, 1st Certified Tony Robbins Coach in Greece


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Truly Human Leadership


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17/02/2022 21:00


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