Dionisia Giannopoulou | Leading Mind Speaker

Dionysia Giannopoulou is a psychotherapist, family counselor and couples and marriage counselor. She has been coordinating seminars for parents and couples for 20 years.

She is a scientific deputy in charge of the prevention center “PRONOI” of the Municipality of Kifissia since 2002.

She has also worked for five years at the THESEAS detox center.

Dionisia undertakes private counseling and individual therapies, per couple and group, on issues of relationships, family, children, adolescents, anxiety, phobias, depression, panic attacks, mourning, divorce, cigarette addiction, alcohol, drugs, obesity.

She has been trained in the Hellenic Society of Group Analysis and Family Therapy (Mr. Yosafat), in “internal child” therapy, in wound healing, in the psychogenetic system, in tantric and shamanic techniques, etc.


Speaker Services

Family counselor
Couples and marriage counselor
Deputy scientific director at the “PRONOI” prevention center


Speech Title

Take care of me


Stage B

Date and Time

14/02/2022 20:00


6937 7005353