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Konstantinos Fytopoulos was born in Katerini, lived part of his childhood in Munich and graduated from the Medical School of Thessaloniki.

He works as a Psychiatrist, Homeopath, Holistic Doctor, and Psychotherapist of yugian and superpersonal direction, in Thessaloniki and Katerini.

He is a certified therapist of the Grof Holotropic Breathwork and a certified coach of the HeartMath Institute and has been using the self-knowledge map of the “nine-gram” (nine lines) typology for the last 20 years both in individual sessions and in psychotherapeutic groups.

He worked within the terms of his Psychiatric specialty at the University Neurological Clinic of Papanikolaou Hospital and the Neurological Clinic of B IKA Hospital, at the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki at the University Psychiatric Clinic of AHEPA Hospital and at the Center for Psychiatric Hospital.

As part of his training, he worked in the rural centers of Sfendami and Makrigialos Pieria and in the Regional Health Center of Astypalea in the Dodecanese. He graduated from the School of Homeopathy of the Greek Homeopathic Medical Society in 1989, and completed his education with the educational program of G. Vythoulkas, as well as with his frequent trips to Mumbai and Berlin. Since 1993 he has been teaching at the School of Homeopathy of E.O.I.E. in Thessaloniki, and since 2007 he proposed, in the context of the postgraduate course on Homeopathy at the Aegean University , the course “Homeopathy, Psychotherapy and enlargement of consciousness”.

He was trained in Yugian Depth Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Analytical Psychotherapy and Experiential Group Psychotherapy. He studied in Toronto and Berlin in the self-knowledge and therapeutic activity of the Theater. He traveled extensively in Europe, all over the world, but especially in India and Mexico, researching their culture, art, religions, their approach to health and disease, their healing methods and their spiritual and ritual life. Continues research and application in various systems of holistic medicine and methods aimed at expanding and unifying consciousness.

Organizes and coordinates for the last 20 years psychotherapeutic and meditation groups of self-knowledge on Olympus as well as in mountains and thermal springs throughout Greece, where he suggests the method that has developed entitled “Holistic Diving at the Source”, as well as “Holotropic Breathwork” groups. His vision is the synthesis of the methods of the internal and philosophical tradition of the ancient civilizations, for the expansion and unification of consciousness with the western scientific and psychotherapeutic methodology.

Speaker Services

Individual homeopathic therapy sessions
Individual psychotherapeutic sessions
Group psychotherapies based on the nine-gram typology
Organizing and coordinating multi-day experiential workshops
Organizing and coordinating multi-day experiential “Holotropic Breathwork” workshops “


Speech Title

The Ninegram typology as a self-knowledge map


Stage B

Date and Time

20/02/2022 11:00


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