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Gordon Hellas is the official representative of Gordon International (GTI) in Greece. It was founded in 2009 and conducts the laboratories of Dr. Gordon throughout Greece in their original form. Its vision is to contribute to building healthy and harmonious relationships governed by respect and honesty.

Parent Effectiveness Training teaches parents a non-punitive upbringing model, which replaces punishments and rewards with communication skills that help them understand their children’s  needs through a practical and experiential workshop that emphasizes role-plays and exercises to teach parents.

Speakers of Gordon Hellas
Alecos Papagos

He has studied Economics at Sussex University, and Person-Centered Counseling (MSc in Person-Center Counseling, University of Strathclyde). Today Mr Papagos chairs the organization “Gordon Hellas”, which represents “Gordon Training International” in Greece, training mental health professionals as future educators in Gordon Hellas programs. He has trained in the Leader Effectiveness Training program many mental health professionals.

Leda Veikou

Psychotherapist and mental health counselor (MSc University of Strathclyde). Certified parent educator (Parent Effectiveness Training, Terrific Toddlers, Positive Parents-Happy Children), she has many years of experience with parents, groups and individuasl. For the last seven years she has been a partner of Gordon Hellas.

Nicol Hatzigeorgiou

Having studied Public Administration at Panteion University and Banking and Finance at the City University of London, but her love for children pushed her to change direction. She trained at Play Therapy International and in recent years has been working privately as a certified play  therapist. At the same time, she is an instructor of Gordon Hellas at the Terrific Toddlers and P.E.T (Parent Effectiveness Training) Laboratories.

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