Litsa Kolaiti | Leading Mind Speaker

Litsa Kolaiti is a certified Transformation Coach and Money Mind set Instructor. She trains with new methods those who want to change their way of thinking and succeed financially. She holds degrees from the Graphic Arts School, Transformation Academy, USA, and English Language Proficiency.

Through a series of courses, exercises and practices, Litsa trains people to change their financial lives by following the path of self-observation. This method leads to the recognition of their current situation and the development of a new way of thinking so that everyone can take life into their own hands, without fear, without guilt, but with simple, understandable steps and a lot of support. Her students are constantly confirming that when their way of thinking changed, new paths were opened for them.

Στόχος της, μέσα από τις εκπαιδεύσεις είναι να μπορεί ο κάθε άνθρωπος να είναι ο εαυτός του, να στηρίζει τον εαυτό του και να ζει στην αφθονία που δικαιούται. Κατά συνέπεια να γίνει ο κόσμος όλος πιο ευτυχισμένος. Πιστεύει στον άνθρωπο και τις δυνατότητές του και ξέρει ότι ο κάθε ένας έχει μια ιδιαίτερη θέση σε αυτό τον πλανήτη.

Her goal is for each person to be himself, to support himself and to live in the abundance to which he is entitled through education. As a result, the world becomes happier. She believes in peaople and their 1potential and knows that everyone has a special place on this planet.Born (1983) and raised in the USA by Greek parents, she has understood the difference of the Greeks and has adapted her methods based on their own mentality, past and present situation. Recognizing that a large part of the educational material has not been translated into Greek, Litsa teaches in Greek so those who do not know any foreign language can have the opportunity to develop.

She is a mother of two children, lives in Kefalonia and enjoys the beauties of the island. In her free time she likes to improve her knowledge, watch movies with her children and paint. She plays badminton with the team of Ainos Kefalonia and coaches the children’s and teenagers’ divisions.

Her future plans are to grow her team and enable the education she makes to reach schools, to teach children, from an early age, how they can do the best for themselves from the beginning aso to transform their dreams into reality.

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Financial Prosperity Program
Private Money Mindset Coaching


Speech Title

Profession and Self. What they mean for your life and how to balance them


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Date and Time

19/02/2022 10:00