Yiannis Tzavlopoulos PhD | Leading Mind Speaker

Yiannis Tzavlopoulos holds a PhD from the University of Macedonia in the Science of Business Administration and is the CEO of the consulting company UPGRADE.

He has worked as a manager of marketing, development and sales in multinational companies and has been for many years president of the Hellenic Institute of Human Resources.

He is a speaker at universities, technical institutes, colleges and keynote speaker at conferences (eg TEDx), while his company conducts training seminars in companies in Greece and abroad.

He has been awarded by the Greek Academy of Marketing and the Greek Society of Business Administration and has been awarded a scholarship 3 times for his academic performance by the State Scholarship Foundation and the University of Macedonia.

His articles have been published in the financial press and in foreign and Greek scientific journals as well as in the proceedings of international conferences. Finally, his book entitled “Do not sell! Make others buy! ” is among the best sellers from 2015 until today.

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Speaker Services

Compilation, Submission & Management of NSRF subsidized programs
Sales Organization and Development
Finding and evaluating staff
Human Resources Assessment Systems
Development of Personnel Performance Management Systems
Business Plan Studies
Development of ISO Quality Assurance Systems
Market Research
Franchising Studies
Organization of Businesses and Organizations
Company Valuation Studies
Training seminars


Speech Title

Do not Sell! Make others buy!


Stage C

Date and Time

14/02/2022 20:00