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With the vision of providing high quality training and consulting services for business executives, we complete 30 years and continue to evolve, grow and be your first choice. From 1992 until today the needs for knowledge and specialization have multiplied respectively with the evolution of technology and market requirements. We are proud that the Hellas Network lifelong learning center is an integral part of the professional market. We apply techniques and methods of training (consulting) and consulting and coaching in combination with the use of new technology and electronic tools.

2022 finds us in the center of Athens (Akadimias 52) in a new facility with educational capacity of over 500 students per month, modern and advanced infrastructure. Hellas Network all these years has become one of the most famous and acclaimed seminar centers in Athens. With certification collaborations from the largest institutions in the country, with modern laboratory equipment, with specialized books and professional teachers, it offers training solutions always guided by the low cost, the short period of time and the proven result.

“We help you become better quickly, easily and economically”

Dionisis Douvaras

Department of Studies

Our goal today, through our services to help in the best possible way the employee to respond to difficult market conditions, with more and better supplies, and the company to stand out from the competition taking advantage of the great opportunities of the online market.

Our goal is the continuous increase of our satisfied clients, their easy entry or re-entry in the labor market, and the creation of an open community with users who share the same needs and anxieties. The same motto that we started to have 27 years ago, we still have today:

Key to our success: Our Partners

We invest in our partners with appreciation and respect for their professional and scientific training:

Thodoris Georgedakis

He studied Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and has attended postgraduate courses at the Athens Media Lab and the British Chartered Institute of Marketing Management. He has 20 years of experience in the field of marketing, communication and teaching. He has worked for the following advertising companies: UpSet !, Bold Ogilvy, Lowe Worldwide, Cream “reaching” the level of Client Service Director and has contributed to several Effie & Ermis awards (awards for efficiency and creativity).

The last previous years the main object of his professional activity is RoiMat | 360 Forward Marketing as co-founder & ceo. He has been a guest speaker and professor at educational institutions, such as the Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) and the BCA Athens College of Economics. For the last 3 years he has been teaching digital marketing, marketing management & business management at Hellas Business Network. He is fascinated by the uncharted waters and the difficult. He enjoys finding solutions to problems and in my own way helping people evolve in their lives, on a personal, professional and business level. His goal is to help 3,000 businesses grow through RoiMat by 2026.

Christos Tegos

He obtained his first degree, in 2010, from the Department of Philology of EKPA, choosing the direction of Linguistics. He also graduated from the Department of Journalism and Public Relations of ANT1 Media Lab. In 2017 he acquired specialization in Digital Marketing and in 2019 in Business Coaching. In 2008 he started his professional career in catering, customer service and human resource management. He worked in the departments of Management, Marketing, Sales and Public Relations.

In 2016 he takes over the Marketing and Network Development Department through Franchise in an Educational group, where he undertakes the design of marketing strategy, the supervision and implementation of digital marketing, the training of staff, the organization and presentation of seminars, the presentation and representation of the company to new investors , public relations and sales.

From 2019 until today he works in the field of Marketing and Sales in Trade Fairs and collaborates with companies, with the aim of their development, promotion and extroversion. In 2022 he joins the Boussias Communications family in the Sponsorship for Commercial Conferences and Awards section. During his career he has developed special skills and abilities in B2B and B2C sales of products and services.

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20/02/2022 18:30