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My name is Aris Chalkias, I was born in November 1982, I come from a family with strong artistic backgrounds and I walk in life serving journalism. Of course, this is of little importance, because you want to learn about coaching and you think very well.

My interest in people and their behavior in general began for me from the moment I began to understand the world, shortly after adolescence. From then and all the years that followed until the time these lines are written, I placed myself in the role of observer, collecting and recording all kinds of situations. From a very early age, I was the person that in my environment everyone trusted, because I was a good listener and I never judged behaviors, but I always acting with a sense of honesty and justice.

This natural feature of mine, took a more structured form, when I came across with the perspective of Life Coaching, something that happened a few years ago and specifically in early 2018, where through Positivity Coaching Intelligence and my teacher, ICF MCC Angelos Derlopas I got my first diploma as a certified coach. Since then, following the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Code of Conduct, I have started practicing Life Coaching occasionally until it was time for Life Stories coaching.

Throughout this journey until today, I practice life and relationship coaching, putting human relationships at the center of my attention on a daily basis.

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Human relations. Seemingly simple, practically a mountain. Selfishness, insincerity and fear, the triptych of failure


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13/02/2022 10:00


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