Maria Rota MSc | Leading Mind Speaker

She was born in Athens and from a very early age she had a clear professional orientation that included people and their mental health and development.

This interest was transformed into psychology studies. Initially at the American College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This was followed by two master’s degrees, one in Social Psychology from the University of Surrey and the other in Counseling Psychology from the University of London. She then completed her studies in psychology at Panteion University.

Along with her studies, she started the multi-year psychotherapeutic journey through systemic psychotherapy programs, many years of personal psychotherapy and supervision. All of this has led to clinical work with individuals, couples and families.

She is a member of the European Family Therapy Association.

Also her main therapeutic work is group psychotherapy for which she is preparing a doctorate from the University of Surrey. She is a supervisor of systemic therapists.

However, her biggest interest was the creation of the psychological department of the Metropolitan Social Clinic of Elliniko, that she was in charge for 6 years and the main task was voluntary support to the chronically unemployed and uninsured, as well as street work to the homeless.

She writes articles with the main axis of the connection of mental and social processes


Speaker Services

Systemic Psychologist
Clinical work with individuals, couples and families
Group psychotherapy


Speech Title

Divorce: how this painful procedure could not scare us. Child mental health and care


Stage D

Date and Time

13/02/2022 21:00