Athanasia Pappa | Leading Mind Speaker

Athanasia Pappas was born in Athens in 1977.

At the age of 7 she was diagnosed with JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis). She graduated, completing her circular studies from the EPL. Piraeus as a Technological Engineer. She then studied Shipping Business and attended the Merchant Marine Public School.

Along with her studies she works as secretary of Deputy Mayor and then Mayor in the Municipality of Piraeus. After graduating, she undertakes direct sea service, traveling for the next years, with the ships of the companies, first SERRES FLYING and then to ATTICA / SUPERFAST, BLUE STAR.

Influenced by her chronic coexistence with a rheumatic disease, she writes the experiential textbook for children entitled “My friend NIA.RA.”.

She has attended a series of seminars at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, on floriculture / olive growing / arboriculture and has obtained a degree in Sailing. Since January 2015 she is the president of the Hellenic Society for the Fight against Rheumatism (EL.EAN.A.), spending her fourth term and taking part in numerous conferences and workshops, both in Greece and abroad, representing ELEANA as a speaker, with the aim of raising awareness, educating and properly informing the general population and health professionals about rheumatic diseases and their effects.

Founding member of the Hellenic Menopause Society since 2019, of which she is president.

At the same time she has been studying since 2018 at the University of West Attica at the School of Public Health in the Department of Public and Community Health. She has many years of experience in the field of NGOs that focus on vulnerable social groups, both in matters of public health and in matters of awareness, education and information, focusing daily on providing support to people living with autoimmune diseases, in claiming their rights, as well as in their documented information about the disease.

Many participatios in interviews, radio and television, to promote health promotion and education on issues related to autoimmune diseases, in order to inform the general population.

Speaker Services

President of the Hellenic Society for the Fight against Rheumatism (EL.EANA)
Founding member and President of the Hellenic Menopause Society
Public Speaker


Speech Title

45 years of the Hellenic Society for the Fight against Rheumatism – Our story and work, Pain and Rheumatic Diseases – How patients experience it


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Date and Time

13/02/2022 13:00