Spiros Andrianos | Leading Mind Speaker

Andrianos Spyros is an European award-winning Manager, businessman, public speaker, who left a successful and high status corporate career, in order to realize a vision.

He founded “Men of Style”, in 2014, the first self-improvement company for men in Greece, and now a market leader, with the sole aim of helping people develop their communication skills and reach their true prospects.

He has been presented in all major media in Greece, as a success story that has helped thousands of people so far, while at the same time successfully bringing male self-improvement in Greece. He wrote the book “Man of Value”, with thousands of sales and eleven consecutive weeks among the best-sellers in bookstores.

He presents the first Podcast video in Greece for men, “Simple and Menly”, with thousands of followers in Greece and Cyprus, which is constantly at the top of the charts on Spotify. He presented on Open TV the show “Simple Conversations”, the first Talk Show of self-improvement on Greek television.

In his CV he has thousands of hours of training as a lecturer of skills development seminars.

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Founder of Men of Style company
European Award-winning Manager
Public speaker


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Businessman out of Need or out of Vision


Stage C

Date and Time

17/02/2022 20:00


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