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Manos Arvanitakis is a graduate of the University of England (Salford University – Podiatrist 13275) with postgraduate studies at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Returning to Greece, after 10 years of studies and gaining experience, he is the first certified podiatrist.

He worked at the General State Hospital in Athens as the head of the Diabetic Foot Department.

In 1999 he founded the Podiatric Center in Kaisariani.

A few years later he created two more Podiatry Centers in Kolonaki and in Heraklion, Crete.

2017 as a milestone year in his career and in the development of the science of Podiatry in Greece, with the creation of a Podiatry department at the Metropolitan College. Thus, for the first time in Greece, the 1st Department of Podiatry was put into operation in collaboration with the Queen Margaret Univetsity of Edinburgh. To this day, he serves his science with passion and faith, as a Podiatrist – Podiatrist, providing his services to his patients, but also as a professor, teaching students at the Metropolitan College. An advocate of continuing education and lifelong learning, he is continuing his education at the University of Malta, where he is pursuing his doctorate.

He is particularly aware of the problems and conditions that athletes face in the lower extremities and can affect their performance.

Especially for children who are involved in sports, it is very important to prevent and in time treat any possible problems, so that they can focus on their goal without restrictions and problems.

Research is part of his science and his personal concern. As a result, the “Super Foot Correction stocking”, the “Super Foot Rejuvenation Cream” as well as the “Silicone Case” are products that, with his own inspiration and signature, improve the daily life of his patients!


Speaker Services

President of the Hellenic Association of Podiatrists – Podiatrists
Professor of Podiatry at the Metropolitan College
Founder of Elite Medical – Sports Medicine Clinic


Speech Title

Why I became a Podiatrist


Stage D

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13/02/2022 10:00


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