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Marianna Antonakaki is the founder of NowLetsPlay ®™, an integrative Model for Children – parenting & educational protocol recognized, and registered in the UK and Greece as original research in Consulting, Counseling, Therapy &  Neurolinguistics (Reg. Certificate No 00003709405, Intellectual Property Office Registrar).

She is a Mindset Trainer & Consultant as well as the Affiliated Partner of the International Certification Program for Business Coaches & Consultants, The SFM MINDSETMAPS ®™ , for the Greek language, Greece and Cyprus; developed by Robert Dilts & Mickey Feher. Marianna is holding a diploma in Design Thinking from Stanford University.

Marianna began her academic career from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, as a graduate of the Department of French Literature, though her love for Communication, Arts, and Humanities very quickly changed the orientation of the compass at professional and University level. A Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Middlesex University and AKTO followed after, while at the same time she began writing articles and leading communication and press departments in the corporate world.

In the 20 years that followed Marianna made an important career in the media, from managerial positions in magazines like Cigar, Men’s Arena, writing articles as a journalist and editor-in-chief of many magazines and newspapers, presenting the News Bulletin on STAR Channel as well as radio shows for 35 regional stations and 2 radio station in Cyprus, while simultaneously, she collaborated with several advertising agencies. Motherhood as a priceless experiential gift, in combination with the global economic crisis, restructured for the 2nd time her professional map.

Nowadays, she is a Global NLP Trainer & Consultant certified by NLP University of California Santa Cruz, while she is also a certified NLP New Code Certified Practitioner (ITA) and an Ericksonian Hypnosis Certified Practitioner. Marianna is a proud member of nlpgreece ® Trainers Team, in Neurolinguistics & NLP.

During the last 10 years, she has completed postgraduate studies in Infant Psychotherapy (First Play in Therapy, Diploma Barry University Miami – FAIMH) and she holds a MA in Psychotherapy through Special Therapeutic Play, while she is an active supervised member of Play Therapy International and the only specialized certified consultant in Greece for the clinical diagnosis of disorders in infants and toddlers, DC:0-5.

Marianna is a Meta-trauma & PTSD Prevention Trainer, Meta International Inc., Certified Trauma Therapist IEMT, and member of the International Association for Eye Movement Trauma Therapy. She is also a Story Play ®  Ericksonian Non-Directive Model for Play Practitioner, Circle of Security Model Certified Practitioner as well as an active member of NBCC and certified Mental Health Facilitator. She is a Consultant in the model of Mental Space Psychology, Social Panorama, for Family and Education.

She holds a Diploma in Phototherapy & Photo Art Therapy from Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen and is an authorized Points Of You ® Trainer, a method based in Phototherapy & applied Neurolinguistics.

She is an active Soroptimist, the International Organization for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and the Defense of Women’s and Children’s rights.

She speaks English, French and Italian and writes therapeutic staories for children, while she passionately continues to write articles.

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