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Harmonylife is a holistic center of healing and self-knowledge. We combine a variety of traditional as well as more modern or alternative approaches, from the fields of psychology, counseling, psychotherapy and which we adapt to your particular needs and desires, so that you have the right tools that will lead you to positive changes in your life. , mental and physical empowerment.

We have developed a holistic approach that addresses each of you individually according to your desires and personal needs. Our basic principle is to find the right model that suits you so that you can evolve at all levels (spiritual, intrapsychic-emotional, physical and interpersonal).

Speaker Services

Individual psychotherapy
Couple and family therapy
Adolescent Psychotherapy
Parental counseling
Personal development teams
Experiential seminars and Workshops
Holistic Therapies
Holistic Nutrition
Acupuncture – Electroacupuncture
Smoking cessation
Personalized treatments


6-week meditation program from 100 euros to 50 euros
Seminar on March 12-13 / Transform your relationships 160 € to 80 €


Speech Title

Transform your relationships


Stage B

Date and Time

19/02/2022 12:00


211 7150479