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Charalambos Soleas is a Psychotherapist (EAP) Mental Health Counselor (EES) certified Hypnotherapy instructor, Master Trainer NLP (Language Programming Nerve), Master Trainer in Coaching, Personal and Professional Development Seminars.

Founder and director of Soleas Academy and Cyprus Hypnosis, NLP Coaching Institute certified training center by the HRDA (Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority, EOPPEP Greece).

He holds a degree in Criminology and a postgraduate degree in Health Psychology and is the president of the Cyprus Hypnotherapists Association.

He is an international trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching and is one of the few that provides certified NLP and Coaching solutions for individual and corporate clients in Cyprus and Greece for over a decade.

Trained by the best trainers in the world such as: Richard Bandler (co-developer of NLP), R. Frank Pucelik (co-developer of NLP), Tony Robins, Terence Watts, Bob Proctor, Paul Mc Kenna are some of them. Provides psychotherapy and personal counseling sessions (Life Coaching) for emotional, personal, psychosexual problems, relationship problems, work, bad habits, addictions, etc.

He has trained over 2500 people and many company executives in similar trainings. Many of his students practice Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Greece and Cyprus.

He has many years of therapeutic and educational experience, a fact that validates the high quality of his teaching with the aim of each client and his student, to be provided with techniques and knowledge to change his life.

He is often invited to TV shows and to organized lectures and courses on the subjects he teaches.

The training program in Corner Counseling Hypnotherapy at 3 years level has been approved by the Hellenic Counseling Company for Mental Health Counselors.
His trainings include:
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • NLP Master Practitioner Certification
  • Hypnotherapy Training at diploma and Higher Diploma level
  • Personal Counseling – Life Coaching Certification and Master Coaching Certification
  • Personal Development Seminars
  • Corporate Seminars and Trainings
  • Certified First Aid Training etc.
He Owns:
  • Master’s Degree in Health Psychology from Cardiff University
  • UK Degree in Criminology from University of Greenwich
  • UK Higher Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy from Essex Institute
  • UK NLP Trainer Certification from Meta Institute
  • USA NLP Trainer Certification from NFNLP USA Life Coaching Trainer Certification from AC
  • UK Senior Practitioner Certification from EMCC Diploma in Managing from Management Institute
  • UK First Aid Trainer Certification from RT International Certified trainer by An.AD (Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority)

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Speaker Services

Mental Health Counselor
Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor
Master Trainer NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Master Trainer in Coaching, Personal and Professional Development Seminars.


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Hypnotherapy: The Modern Therapeutic Method


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12/02/2022 17:00


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