Angeliki Petropoulou MD | Leading Mind Speaker

Angeliki Petropoulou was born in 1973, grew up and lives in N. Smyrni.

She graduated from the Medical School of Athens (through pan-Hellenic examinations) and specialized in Psychiatry (PSA).

She is a Psychotherapist, trained in the Systemic Approach (AKMA), as well as in the Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) and psychodynamic approach. She specializes in Medical Acupuncture (5/2015) and is trained in MBSR (Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction (12/2015) and the application of PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immune System) in Nutrition.

Se ha maintains a private practice since 2007. In 2015 she moved from N. Smyrni to P. Faliro due to the expansion of her therapeutic activities. She speaks 4 languages, English, French, German and Italian.

She is married and the mother of two teenagers. In her free time she writes poetry, paints and meditates.

Speaker Services

Diagnostic Assessment of Disorders
Biological Therapies
Medical Acupuncture
Biological Age
Self Improvement Counseling
Couple Counseling
Youth and Adolescent Counseling
Parental counseling


Speech Title

Detecting the True Self-Healing the World!


Stage A

Date and Time

16/02/2022 18:00