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Mylona Myrto-Maria was born in Athens in 1981 and graduated from the Nutrition Department of Thessaloniki in 2003.

Since 2005 he maintains a private office in Haidari and works as a nutritionist and personal development consultant (Wellness Coach) helping individuals and groups to achieve lifestyle changes (Lifestyle Medicine), to become healthier and happier. Her approach is holistic and focuses on the 7 areas of wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Energy and Stress, Weight, Spiritual and Emotional Wellness, Health, Life Satisfaction.

She works in individual and group sessions.

She finds her profession fascinating, because she is blessed to watch the progress, change and transformation journey of people and through that the gratitude she receives, pushes her to evolve herself.

Her passion is the continuous personal development and that is why education is a process that has not stopped over the years. Indicative:

She has completed the training of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine (EINuM) and can apply the approach of nutritional medicine through the provision of appropriate treatment of nutritional supplements as well as specialized nutrition.

She has completed one of the most demanding Coaching trainings in the world, from ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). The Wellcoaches awarded her the title of Certified Health and Wellness Coach and certify her suitability for managing people who want to make changes in the 7 areas of wellness.

To expand and better understand the incidents she undertakes, she has been trained in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques, because it is all a matter of communication.

Finally, she is a certified coach at the HeartMath Institute, she trains and practices techniques that are perhaps the most proven to be effective in managing stress.

Proud member of the Panhellenic Association of Dietitians – Nutritionists of Greece, member of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine (EINuM), member of the Scientific Center for Beekeeping of Greece, the Institute of Nutritional Studies of Greece (IDMUT institute) and HeartM She is also an official trainer of KEADD (Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders).

She is married, lives with her husband, two children, her dog and her cat, trying to live with passion & inspiration every day, doing daily what she teaches.

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Leading Change: Changing the story of our health


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14/02/2022 21:00