Iliostalakti Kontou, MD | Leading Mind Speaker

Iliostalakti Kontou studied at the Medical School of EKPA and took the General Medicine specialty in Patras.

She taught for two years the volunteers of the Greek Red Cross in Patras.

She was trained in Homeopathy at the Center for Homeopathic Medicine in Maroussi under the supervision of George Vythoulkas. Since 1996 she is a regular member of the Greek and International Society of Homeopathic Medicine.
She was trained in Reiki, Shiatsu and the Trager method of physical awareness, which helps people to release deep physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility and mental clarity.
She studied systemic representation with Haritini Papakyrillou, psychologist and student of Bert Hellinger, researching the therapeutic possibilities of the method in combination with homeopathy with amazing results in serious chronic diseases, took part in the translation of Bert Hellinger’s book “Paths of Love” from German to Greek, was trained in quantum systemic representation by the founder of the method, psychotherapist Mary Zapitis.
Being a graduate of the Silva method, she uses data from the method in the treatment of serious chronic diseases as well as data from neurolinguistic programming and EFT.

She has attended seminars in the treatment of past lives by Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Miami, Dr Bryan Weiss.

She was trained in two Shaolin Kung fu systems, the Eagle Claw and the five animals as well as tai chi for over 18 years. She has been practicing yoga in Satyananda for over 11 years.
For 3 years she taught voluntarily elements of preventive medicine for families at the Municipal Library of Amaliada, where she integrated meditation and empathy techniques with great effectiveness in the treatment of chronic disesases after the lectures. Her book on the system she teaches is to be published in English by Balboa Presss.

She attended painting classes with Gordana Radojevic and Thanasis Makris and has taken part in painting exhibitions in Patras, Pyrgos, Istanbul and Tsanakkale.

In the summer of 2019 she participated in a humanitarian mission by the NGO Commonwealth, in Pakistan, in the highlands of Karakorum (in the Kalasha valleys), where he organized the homeopathic clinic and its operation.

Iliostalakti lives and works in Amaliada as a homeopath doctor and teaches seminars with techniques for the treatment of chronic pain and chronic and autoimmune diseases.

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Homeopathic doctor
Teaches techniques for the treatment of chronic pain as well as chronic and autoimmune diseases


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Chronic pain: how we can train our brain to stop the pain habit


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12/02/2022 21:00