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Maria Lagiou is a Cardiac Coordination Consultant, HeartMath Coach, New Cranial Therapist and Adult Educator.

Graduate in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of West. Attica with over 15 years of experience as an executive in demanding company environments. Managing challenges and the need to cope with stressful situations on a professional and personal level brought her in contact with physical boundaries and began to seek modern innovative holistic practices for personal and professional development.

She is particularly interested in the application of balancing techniques through a holistic approach, which is why she was trained in the Body-Emotional approach and holds certifications:

  • Diploma in Neo-Cranial Therapy
  • Coaching Mentoring Consulting Pan Aegean
  • HeartMath Coach & HeartMath Practitioner Certification
  • HRV Master Elite Academy Foundation
  • Introduction to Somatic Experiencing (SE)

As a certified HeartMath® Practitioner in individual sessions or small groups primarily for Stress Management and Endurance Improvement, she uses techniques and programs as well as HeartMath® bio-feedback technology devices. emWave Pro Plus and Inner Balance. Where through coherence techniques, interactive exercises and games, endurance, energy is increased and focus, mental clarity and emotional balance are promoted.

To balance the nervous system, she uses the introduction of the BaseLine recovery line, measuring and training in self-regulation, aiming not only at the temporary improvement through the increase of HRV Heart Rate Variability, but also at maintaining Cohesion.

She worked at the DIAPLASI Rehabilitation Center, AntiStress Department. In recent years she has founded the BalanSync center and works as a freelancer.

Collaborates with centers, clubs and structures in programs that aim to help people balance their body, mind and emotions with the intuitive intelligence of their heart.

In addition to individual sessions, she organizes seminars for companies, groups or special thematic categories (teachers, carers, nurses, therapists, athletes).

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Cardiac Cohesion & Nervous System Balancing


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19/02/2022 17:00