P.Barbarigos & G.Koukoula | Leading Mind Speaker

Panagiotis Barbarigos

NLP Coach – Behavioral Strategist.

ΜΒΑ from Cardiff Business School and in Manufacturing Engineering from Cardiff School of Engineering, served as Marketing Manager and CEO of companies.

He created the Concept of Soul-Centric Marketing Experiences where he and his team assembled a series of models that describe the creation of Human Experience from areas such as Psychology, Coaching, NLP,
adapting them to modern Marketing such as content, services, products and other Marketing strategies


Georgia Kouloula

Canva Experience Creator.

Creater of Custom Story-telling Graphics for every business aiming to connect more deeply with BSc in Physics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2020), majoring in Astrophysics, History of Art, Digital Marketing, Design, NLP Coach, trained as a Canva Designer by “Become a Canva Designer” The Graphic.Maven Academy, by Melissa LeMay CCC (Canva Certified Creative) (2021)

Speaker Services

Coaching Services
Personal Coaching with The Master Metaphor method
Coaching for Professionals & Entrepreneurs with the method The Master Metaphor
Soul-centric NLP Marketing
Coaching for professionals and companies
Consulting Services
Marketing Consulting
Communication Consulting
Training Team’s
Soul- centric Marketing Training


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Creating Soul-Centric Marketing Experiences!


Stage C

Date and Time

20/02/2022 18:00