Anna Konstantinidou | Leading Mind Speaker

Mental Health Scientist, Personal Development Consultant,

Author and scientific director of Autism Coaching and more

A few words about me

My involvement with the field of mental health took place on the occasion of the birth of my youngest son who is on the autism spectrum.

My restless spirit pushed me to the systematic study for more knowledge that would help me first of all and following my child and my family. With the seasons and society changing and evolving rapidly I created systems such as autism coaching and more and autism coaching pro, an innovative combination of coaching tools and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) tools functionally and effectively tailored to the needs of each pathologies that cover the entire age and developmental range of a child but also adults in the autism spectrum and beyond.

At the same time I have specialized in issues of family and sex education.

I work with ONE TEAM building programs for children with developmental disorders.

I have studied life Life Coaching at EKPA and i hold a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology

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Speaker Services

Autism coaching and more
Autism coaching pro
Family coaching
Coaching for all
Divorce coaching
Sexuality education
LOATQI+ coaching


Speech Title

What is autism coaching and more


Stage D

Date and Time

12/02/2022 19:00