Kaiti Farmaki | Leading Mind Speaker

Kati Farmaki is a journalist and producer with a daily radio show.

At the same time, she is the creator of anewlife.gr, with issues that have to do with the vegan lifestyle and the inspiration that is necessary to live our lives as we deserve.

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He has also created dialogismos.gr with meditations in Greek to start meditating in the best way.

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Since October 2021 he is co-founder of openacademy.gr, an impressive online education platform.

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She will give two speeches at Leading Minds:

  • For the vegan lifestyle, which is the lifestyle of the new consciousness and
  • For Meditation: how can we put meditation in our daily life simply and practically in order to find our golden point and experience peace, tranquility, synchronicity, joy.

Speaker Services

Journalist and radio producer
Creator of anewlife.gr
Creator of dialogismos.gr
Co-Founder of OpenAcademy


Speech Title

Vegan life – A New Life: The way of life for the new era


Stage D

Date and Time

20/02/2022 17:00