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Lindy – Sannie  McMullin 

Dr. Lindy – Sunny McMullin is a graduate of the University of South Africa in Education, Psychology and Criminology (juvenile delinquency) and holds certifications in public relations, biotherapy, relapse therapy, stress management, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy. (European Certificate).

Holds a Master’s Degree in Western Interior, from the British University of Exeter and an MSc. on “Integrating Interpersonal Experiences into Everyday Life”, University of Northampton, UK.

Her PhD was “The application of ancient Greek myth & music in personal, professional & interpersonal development”, and was received by Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

She has been working in primary and tertiary education since 1978 and in the period 2007-2009 she taught Psychology for national exams in Great Britain.

Her educational experience starts from kindergarten and reaches up to postgraduate students, includes teaching children with special needs, theater and directing performances. She was the founder and president of the Hellenic Association for Interpersonal Psychology and Research, fromm2011 until the end of 2015 and has been the executive director and organizer of the 16th EUROTAS Conference, in collaboration with ITA and ATP (International and American Association of Interpersonal Psychology).

She is a Principal Member of the European Research Branch of the European Association for Interpersonal Psychology, newsletter author and Interpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor, holding the relevant professional certification of the association.

Her publications include A Soul’s Journey, The Essence of a Spiritual Path towards the Transpersonal, Archive Publishing 2014, Metamorphosis through Conscious Living, Cambridge Scholars Press 2017 (a co-edited collection of seminars and workshops given at the Crete conference) and Therapeutic Keys to Self Actualization in Homer’s Demeter, Cambridge Scholars 2018.

She has been a speaker at many international conferences on special education and psychology, especially promoting the deep attention and Nepsychia that she developed during her doctoral research.

Her research interests include the application of Mindfulness in psychotherapy, counseling and education studies, intercultural issues, gender studies and trauma therapy.

She teaches at MSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling Skills at MSc Early Childhood Education (with special needs) of Aegean College.

She supervises Masters and PhD students at New York College in Athens and teaches on the Master of Science in Counselling and Positive Psychology there, amongst others.

Her PhD therapeutic work on Myth is offered in collaboration with ICUC on Aegina Island and in private practice.

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Panos Goumalatsos

Panos Goumalatsos is an integrative interpersonal psychotherapist, life coach & shamanic energy healer trained in Canada and the UK. He holds a BSc in Communication, Media & Advertising from Panteion University. He also holds an MSc in ‘Occupational Heath Psychology’ from University of Nottingham. He has attended several seminars regarding various therapeutic methods such as CBT, DBT, Mindfulness and the use of theatre for therapeutic purposes.

He has extensive experience in providing and organizing mental health services that support people on their journey to healing and creating an integrated and meaningful life. It uses intuitive tools with respect and empathy to facilitate a process of profound change at all levels of consciousness of the people he works with.

Based on his nature and his constant personal research and development he offers insights, strong empathy, care, respect and a sense of warmth that are useful components in a process of internal search and evolution. For this purpose he also writes extensively articles on current matters through a therapeutic lens.

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He provides individual sessions of psychotherapy, Life Coaching and Energy Therapy for the healing and evolution of mankind. He also facilitates groups and holistic self-development workshops that integrate Western and Eastern approaches and methods. He is also trained as a traditional Kundalini Yoga teacher in India.

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His search and passion for integration, inner peace and wholeness led him to establish the International Centre for Unity Consciousness (ICUC) as a ‘hub’ centre  working with different methods and professionals for healing, evolution and cosmic harmony based on total consciousness (Unity Consciousness).

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