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Konstantinos Grapsas MPhil Cantab is an architectural engineer, consultant in psychosomatic harmony, holds a degree in Arts from the University of Greenwich, a diploma with honors from the Royal Institute of British Architects and a PhD in Research fellowship (MPhil) from Cambridge University. He has been trained in energy planning and management, in psycho-emotional harmony, in the psychology of religion, in business administration, in neurolinguistic programming, in systemic representation, in coaching and in psychopathology.

He is a professional coach (AC Accredited-Kapodistrian University of Athens), certified instructor of the HeartMath Institute (USA) and participates in the synthetic psychotherapy training program of the University of Thessaly.

Founder of the Academy of Heart, with associates in the field of psychology, education, coaching, mental health and entrepreneurship, supports and trains individuals, groups and professionals who are determined to know their potential to grow and flourish especially in periods of crisis.

Through the Academy of the Heart, Konstantinos offers synthetic programs for the development of psycho-emotional and energy self-management, resilience and creativity, which meet the modern individual and social needs of our time.

The students of the Academy of the Heart, individuals and professionals in the fields of coaching, sports and mental health, acquire through experientially targeted and scientifically proven experiential training of high level the skills to train their bodyas well as  and the people’s  who they help, recognize, understand and transform moments of weakness and doubt into strength and stability so that they can grow, evolve and flourish even in times of crisis.

Speaker Services

Psycho-emotional management training programs, energy and performance management, individual sessions, endurance training with biofeedback devices.


15% to 30% reduction in the cost of membership in the programs of the Academy of the Heart


Speech Title

Psycho-emotional resilience and adaptability in times of crisis. A synthetic approach of the 21st century and the method of the Academy of the Heart.


Stage B

Date and Time

12/02/2022 21:00