Kiki Fanti | Leading Mind Speaker

Kiki Fanti is working as a Personal and executive Life Coach. She completed her studies at the “Diploma in Positivity Coaching” accredited by the International Coach Federation ICF.

She is a Pharmacy Assistant and one of the creators of LAV – Life Avenue. She is also a member of the GSS of the American School of Agriculture. She trusts her experiential knowledge and transfers it to those who are in the mood for change.

She offers expertise, experience, methodology and confidentiality. The methodology she applies depends on conditions and approaches that allow the substantial improvement of weaknesses and the laying of new roads. It is an informed approach, goal-oriented and action and results-oriented.

Kiki will help you find your purpose, your inspiration and your motivation, to discover your own identity. The services it provides are active in a variety of topics, such as:

  • Change I set goals and achieve them
  • Confidence I believe in myself
  • Communication I communicate better
  • Career I know myself

Her goal is to support effectively, with plan and results. She is addressing to modern people who want to conquer or even set a goal. You will work together to understand and believe that yes, you can do it! Through the overall work, the coach will help you upgrade the key areas of your life, relationships, family, career, finances, health and personal development. Her priority is to apply positive psychology for a balance between personal and professional life.

The only substantive certification, in her opinion, is the result. The result is always the fairest judge. Her priority is the management of thoughts, feelings, actions that will help you become better than you were before meeting Coaching.

Speaker Services

Personal Coaching
Youth Coaching
Relationship Coaching


Speech Title

Red Carpet with Anger sequins and Violence smoking


Stage B

Date and Time

12/02/2022 13:00


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