Aggeliki Koskeridou ProfDc, ND, MBA, MSc, BSc(Hons), HND | Leading Mind Speaker

Prof Dc Dr Angeliki is the Founder, Dean & Director of the International University of Amsterdam (AIU), Founder & President of the Panhellenic Association of Complementary Medicine & Psychological Support “I Heal”. Founding Director of KEDVIM1 “ALL Education”, Creator of the innovative biological products Dr Angel’s that promote Holistic Health & Wellness, the energy jewelry Akshara Devjani and the Holistic Therapeutic Center Health & Wellness “All4Therapy”.

Creator of the 1st integrated approach of Holistic Therapy “OLON Iasia” 9 dimensions that brings balance and / or rehabilitation at all levels of people such as the psycho-emotional field, the socio-economic, biological, temperamental, energetic, spiritual, individual and the physical condition associated with contact with nature.

In addition, creator of the 1st association of all specialties of alternative / holistic therapists in an organization that simultaneously controls and certifies their validity in Greece & Cyprus. Creation of educational programs that combine Academic & Vocational Education in 1 curriculum creating ready professionals. Development of the 1st franchise in the field of Alternative Spa Tourism and the Ancient Greek Holistic Retreat that combines the revival of the Ancient Greek Symposium, the Philosophical & Experiential discussion with other alternative techniques of restoration of Health & Wellness.

Presenter & holistic therapist in the English reality show “Rich Holiday Poor Holiday” on the show Greece – Cyprus on Channel 5

Counseling Psychotherapist on the TV show Talk to me on Open TV every day.

  • Doctor of Psychotherapy Candidate from UCLAN University of England and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

  • MSc in Health Psychology from Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • MBA in International Business from the European International University in Paris

  • Executive Diploma in Marketing, BSc (Hons) Psychology HND in Counseling

  • Psychology Diploma in Systemic Approach & Family

  • Intervention Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

  • EKPA training certifications in Positive Psychology, Adult Education, Herbal Therapy & Aromatherapy and

  • many more trainings.

  • The Bible of Holistic Therapy. iWrite Publications, 2019. ISBN: 9789606271342.
  • The Bible of Holistic Treatment. Published by iWrite – Pigi – Daidaleos, 2021. ISBN: 9789606272431
  • The Effects of Psychoeducation, Yoga & Reiki Interventions on Anxiety Disorder (2020).
  • Quantative Research (publishing procedure)
  • Holistic Consultation & Corporate Well-being for Success (2021).
  • Qualitative Research (publishing procedure)
  • Inventor with many innovative patents for patents and utility models.
  • 2 awards Medical Recognition Awards 2020 as a Psychotherapist & Physiotherapist.
  • Medical Recognition Awards 2020 as a Holistic Therapist.
  • 2 Bronze Awards at the Tourism Awards 2018 for the Innovative Franchise in Health & Wellness | Retreats & Spa Hotels and Bronze Award at the Tourism Awards 2018 for education & Health & Wellness Retreats
  • 3 awards Voluntary Action Silver Award 2016 Health & Welfare for the action “I am cured for free”
  • Silver Award 2017 Training for the action “I am trained for free” at the NGO I Heal and Silver Award 2018 in Education. Doctoranytime 2018 | Top Patient Selection
Membership in clubs (M):
  • President of NGO I heal
  • Full Member of the Hellenic Consulting Society (HAC) & European Association of Counseling (EAC),
  • Member of the British Association of Counseling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

Speaker Services

Founder, Dean & Director of the International University of Amsterdam (AIU)
Founder & President of the Panhellenic Association of Complementary Medicine & Psychological Support “I Heal”
Founding Director of K.D.Vi.M.1 “ALL Education”
Creator of innovative organic products Dr Angel’s
Creator of Akshara Devjani energy jewelry
Creator of the “All4Therapy” Holistic Therapeutic Health & Wellness Center


Speech Title

ΟΛΟΝ Ίασις® | Successful Leadership through Holistic Consulting & Corporate Wellness with the innovative 9D system. The revolutionary approach applied from individual to corporate level for growth & success


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Date and Time

13/02/2022 16:00


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