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Ioannis Marketos holds an MBA and has been a senior executive in multinational and Greek companies.

In 2017 he founded MRK Consulting specializing in the Prevention and Management of Violence and Harassment in the world of Work, Workplace Bullying, Work Stress and Burnout.

Provides solutions to employees who have been targeted through personalized strategies and methodologies to deal with violence and harassment in their workplace. He also offers counseling services to the relatives or friends of the targeted employees so that they can help their loved ones who need care. The purpose of the methodology applied is to prevent toxic behaviors from spreading to the family or social environment as well as to protect the physical and mental health of the employee.

Collaborates with companies and organizations (public and private) as a strategic harmonization consultant to adapt to the requirements arising from ILO C 190 and by extension of law 4008/2021 “On the elimination of violence and harassment in the workplace”

In the period February – March 2021, he conducted the 1st Panhellenic Survey on Occupational Bullying in collaboration with Kappa Research, thus capturing the extent of the phenomenon of Violence and Harassment in Greece, the consequences for employees, companies and organizations, and solutions and the next steps that need to be taken to reduce the phenomenon. A research that has been published both in Greece and abroad.

He is the inspirer of the original seminar, Business Administration: What They Do Not Teach Us at University. A seminar that helps employees and executives understand how companies and businesses really work, how an executive or employee should work, listen and think, as well as the seminar The Experiential Workshop Bullying – Defeat him. This is an original seminar whose purpose is not only the Prevention and Management of Violence and Harassment in the world of work but its Information, Prevention and especially its Solution.

He is a member of SDADE (Hellenic Human Resources Management Association of Greece) and collaborates with organizations such as Social Dynamo, Child and Adolescent Center, Heritage & Museums.

He writes articles in the press and participates as a speaker in seminars. He is the author of the book Work Bullying – Defeat It. A book that narrates how an employee can find the answers he needs to deal with difficult situations in difficult conditions. A book in which the hero is like you and me, faces exactly the same difficulties and has the same anxieties.

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Violence and Harassment in the Workplace, Workplace Bullying – Defeat them


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15/02/2022 18:00