Nancy Arapoglou | Leading Mind Speaker

After many years of professional experience in the field of airlines, having traveled a lot, and having gained experience since 2001 as an international and Domestic Pricing Manager, Nancy Arapoglou, came close to different cultures and, through observation and constant challenges, discovered many skills hidden in her potential.

Her involvement with Life Coaching was simply her natural evolution. She decided to deal with her greatest love, People and the unlimited forces hidden within us, when she herself began this wonderful journey of self-knowledge, which she continues.

These forces that each one hides inside him, and can lead him to Dynamic Success, inspire her and feed back her passion for offering. The unique gift of transformation through Coaching, was revealed to her by attending the Life Coaching / Certificate in Coaching- Ac Accredited course by the Training and Lifelong Learning Center (Κ.Ε.DΙ.ΒΙ.Μ.) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA) and in the department of supplementary education Management Separation – Parental Divorce Management (EKPA) as well as in The Science of Well Being – YALE UNIVERSITY.

She is also a Holistic Integrative and Mindfulness Coach, of a scientifically proven Coaching, recognized by the international organization of the International Society for Coaching Psychology, which is based on approaches of Coaching Psychology (Behavioural & CBT Coaching), Positive Psychology Coaching, Transpersonal Psychology Coaching & Mindfulness Psychology and its inclusion in Coaching as a primary and necessary foundation for its good practice.

Her practice can be described as a process aimed at enhancing well-being (performance) in personal life (life coaching), professional development (business coaching), athletes & teams (performance coaching) , in education and in organizations.

She considers that self-knowledge, education and engagement with People is the most beautiful journey and the most creative. You will often hear her say: “Your professional and personal success
evolution concerns me. Does it concern you;”

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Life Coaching
Holistic Integrative and Mindfulness Coaching


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Happiness can be learned – ask better questions and live the life you desire


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12/02/2022 11:30


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