Erotokritos Kimionis | Leading Mind Speaker

Erotokritos (Nikolaos Kymionis) is from Rethymno.

A dynamic and lively spirit with a genuine curiosity about everything in life but also with many different challenges in his journey – since his childhood – Erotokritos, today, is a personality who deals with many things and who knows well to turn challenges into opportunities and opportunities into success.

The authenticity, the courage, the honesty, the immediacy of his character and the love that he generously shares in his daily interaction with people, result in the creation of a strong “stream of followers”. People return this love to him and believe that his words and deeds go together. They trust Erotokritos! In particular, Erotokritos is distinguished for his entrepreneurial spirit, which has led him to a 30-year successful course in the field of fashion fabric marketing and the creation of the recognized in Greece and abroad series of menswear, Prince Erotokritos.

The turning point in the life of the well achieved Designer and Entrepreneur, was the loss of his son at the age of 11, from a rare form of leukemia. It is the real moment of awakening for Erotokritos, who understands the meaning of life and sets his own goal, the “vigilance” and the empowerment of peoplw through more activities:

  • The charity “Manoli Together We can” is founded, through which assistance is provided to children and families of children suffering from autoimmune diseases. Erotokritos, immovable in his main message “voluntary action only – absolute financial transparency”, investigates the solvency of the requests for support received by the Organization.
  • The School of Self-Love is created under the auspices of the organization “Manolis Together We Can” for the purpose of transmitting “Know Yourself” – information, education, knowledge that Erotokritos has received over the years from various schools and seminars. The School of Self-Love has annual tuition a hug and no money.
  • The “Diary of a Prince” is published – his writing work with short messages of empowerment for everyday life, and which is published for the second time by “Dioptra” publications – The True Fairy Tale “The Ideal One on Gaia and the Moment Gaia” is published – which he also writes on the occasion of the departure of the soul of Manolis’s son, and which concerns the handle of human loss. All the earnings from the sales of “True Fairy Tale” are intended exclusively for the support of organizations that concern children or children in need, in collaboration with the organization “Manolis Together We Can”.
  • “Evimerologion 2022 -The best opportunity is today” is released together with Xenia Kourtoglou

Speaker Services

Fashion designer
Lecturer of self-knowledge seminars
Founder of the School of Self-Love through the organization Manolis Together We can which conducts self-knowledge seminars without any fee
Self-knowledge for pregnant women and children
Master teacher reiki specializing in children’s reiki


Speech Title

Self-knowledge and Family


Stage D

Date and Time

12/02/2022 17:00