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Nikolaos (Nikos) Komineas, Mayor of Astypalea island in Greece, was born in August 1956 in Naoussa, at Western Macedonia, mainland Greece and he is father of four children.

He studied at the School of Civil Engineering of the National and Technical University of Athens and finalized his postgraduate studies in Paris in urban psychology.

His academic endeavors brought him to Astypalea island at the early 80’s to analyse the way of living in densely populated islandic fortified settlements. He fell in love with the island and decided to establish professionally and socially himself in Astypalea.

Inspired by the principles of ecology and sustainability but also social justice and with a sincere respect to cultural heritage and tradition he soon found himself involved in local politics advocating for the island’s sustainable and resilient development. A local development vision that preserves the island’s traditions and unique character all while exploiting the technological evolutions to enhance the islanders’ livelihood and
create a truly sustainable destination for the island’s visitors.

He took office as Mayor of Astypalea in September 2019 and from that time he has devoted all his energy to guide the island towards a sustainable development pathway. The last year he has brought the island at worldwide spotlight as a living lab for sustainable mobility and clean energy while collaborating actively with Volkswagen and the Hellenic Republic under the “Astypalea Smart & Sustainable Island” project.

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Mayor of Astypalea


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Planning for sustainable development in the small Aegean islands. The example of Astypalea


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20/02/2022 11:00