Katerina Kritikou | Leading Mind Speaker

I am a Mental Health Counselor, Mindfulness Instructor and in all this I take care of children from 4 months to three years supporting their development at all levels.

I am a FULL MEMBER of the HELLENIC CONSULTING COMPANY (Ε.Ε.Σ) and the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION for COUNSELLING, (E.A.C) (EUROPEAN CONSULTING COMPANY). I am enrolled in the program “Calm and Balance with mindfulness)” with continuous daily personal practice. I am enrolled in the “Mindfulness Together” program with daily personal practice and a regular monthly meeting with my instructor and team. I am a member of a Synthetic Direction clinical supervision team.

As a Mental Health Counselor I focus on creating a healthy therapeutic relationship that will be based on absolute respect and full acceptance of the person addressing me.

I know deeply that my presence should be supportive but in no way directive.

Each of us has the answers to his questions, the solutions to his difficulties, the way for his changes and the therapeutic methods to alleviate his pain. And all this is in him, in us.

I owe to him is to be his companion with my knowledge and my care. To shed plenty of light on his dark and difficult parts and with my help to recognize himself, his needs and his undoubted abilities.

As a Guide of Consciousness with personal daily practice, I observe all these rules, habits, ways of survival, that I have and those who address me.

There is a common feature. There is no denying that we have learned so far, even though there are physical symptoms and mental difficulties. Maybe because questioning was registered in our subconscious as an act that differentiates us from others, not creatively but competitively. Other times as a sign of lack of trust in them.

Consciousness means to live my life right now. It means that I develop my physical ability (with which we are all born), to recognize, to feel, to be able to recognize my feelings today. To be present in my life today.

If you have been lucky enough to do many things mechanically as we say in the colloquial and do not remember them later, no matter how simple and acceptable it seems, the truth is that you are missing from your life. Do you run to catch up, this, the next, the next… and today what? Every day is our life. So we can achieve this with mindfulness.

Speaker Services

Adult Counseling
Individual and Group Sessions
Online Sessions
Couples Counseling
Parental Counseling
Support for Adolescents and Children
Personal development
Member of the mindfulness together and calm and balance program with daily practice and monthly fixed meeting
Member of a synthetic approach clinical supervision team
Athens applied psychouerapy and consulting center
Personal treatment. (Gestalt method)
Personal psychotherapy in a group


Speech Title

Toxic People. How to recognize them, how to protect ourselves, how to set limits


Stage A

Date and Time

16/02/2022 20:00