nlpgreece® - Xenia Stefanopoulou | Leading Mind Speaker

Xenia Stefanopoulou is a psychologist and scientific associate of nlpgreece®.

She graduated from the American College of Greece-Deree College with a B.Sc. in Psychology and continued her studies in psychology abroad. She acquired a Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders from the British Psychoanalytic Council in London and a Combined Certificate in Counselling Skills and Therapeutic Counselling from Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body in London.

She obtained an M.Sc. in Child Psychology from Universal of Central Lancashire in the UK. She is an NLP Practitioner from NLP University of California Santa Cruz.

She is specialized in teen mental health and psychology issues (time and anxiety management, career counseling, problems with self-awareness and self-esteem, relationship problems, risky behaviors, school and social related issues, sexual orientation, i.e.), family dynamics, addictions, and eating disorders issues, interpersonal relations, emotional and mental trauma management, and she attended and participated in many seminars and conferences.

In collaboration with nlpgreece®, she designed and developed a special NLP protocol for teens, focusing on NLP techniques and practices that help teens cope effectively with the transition period of adolescence. She worked in many companies of the private sector as an HR Generalist, emphasizing on labor issues, working conditions (health and safety issues), personnel training and assessment, career management and performance appraisal, empowering resilience, and mindfulness in competitive working environments, implementing the psychometric assessment.

During this period, she completes her studies in behavioral analysis, while at the same time she continues her studies in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT).

Speaker Services

NLP – Mindset Education:
– NLP University Certification studies
– Customised programs for personal development, professional excellence, coaching & consulting, health & well-being, education & family
– Personal sessions


Speech Title

NLP in shielding and enhancing the adolescent’s mental resilience


Stage A

Date and Time

19/02/2022 17:00