Eleni Tsoukali MD, PhD | Leading Mind Speaker

For fifteen years I have been an independent researcher on stress, its effects on health and its treatment. In this field I worked for 6 years in the non-profit company Ionian Interdisciplinary Institute of Health, of which I was a founding member and vice president.

Since 2013, I am the president and main founding member of the Hellenic Institute for the Management of Stress (EL.IN.AS), a civil non-profit company, which was founded in Corfu, with the sole purpose of informing the public and the medical community about the role that stress plays in health and life in general as well as the education of health workers (doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc.) in Holistic or Integrated Medicine (Integrative medicine) which is developing worldwide, and which based on the latest data of physics and biology treats the patient comprehensively (spirit-body ) and not mechanistically.

In the years of its operation, EL.INAS has already developed programs for free education of adolescents in stress and its treatment, as well as free education in the treatment of stress and support of cancer patients.

At the same time, with monthly seminars in which I am the main speaker, both in Corfu and in Athens and Ioannina, an effort is made to inform the public on such an important issue of the proper integrated treatment of stress and the improvement of health and life in general, with the method E (Epsilon). The method derived from the research of the new data of physics and biology, consists of 6 (six) basic rules, the application of which leads to a reduction of the duration of the stress reaction in the organism and improvement of health and life.

Speaker Services

Physician & Pulmonologist
Independent researcher on stress
President and main founding member of the Hellenic Institute for Stress Management (EL.INAS)
Stress management consultant


Speech Title

Stress and its effect on the health and life in all ages (from fetus to adult)


Stage D

Date and Time

15/02/2022 19:00