Alexandra Michopoulou MSc | Leading Mind Speaker

My name is Alexandra Michopoulou. I was born in Athens where I live and work as a Psychologist / Psychotherapist with a Professional License (Prot. No. 2773/21). I have always been impressed by the multitude of manifestations of the human psyche and human behavior and I have been trying to understand the biological, psychological and social factors that affect the way we see ourselves, the world and those around us.

This interest led me to the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy & Psychology, with a focus on Psychology, of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. After completing my first year of study and obtaining my degree, I continued my studies in the UK at the University of Sussex, earning my second degree in Psychology (Psychology, BSc, University of Sussex, GB). At the Postgraduate level, I majored in Counseling and Psychotherapy at the University of Edinburgh (Counseling Studies, MSc, University of Edinburgh, GB). Returning to Greece, I trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, attending the four-year postgraduate program in Adult Psychotherapy of the Society for Cognitive Behavioral Studies. At the same time, I have been trained through a series of seminars in the Principles of Sports Psychology as well as in the application of psychotherapeutic techniques in the context of sports and exercise. Finally, as the things in the field of Psychology never stop, I make sure to follow the scientific events of the field through my participation in educational programs such as seminars, conferences in order to continuously improve my therapeutic practice.

In the context of my professional experience, from 2013 until today I have worked in the field of mental health in structures related to the support and counseling of adults, children and adolescents. I have worked, on a voluntary level, at the Nursery Station of the 251st General Aviation Hospital (GNA) with infants with behavioral difficulties.In addition, I have worked as an intern at the 1st Vocational High School of Agia Paraskevi, working with seniors on issues of social behavior and creating a supportive framework for the development and expression of their social skills. In addition, I have gained clinical experience as a trainee at the 414 Military Hospital for Special Diseases (SNEN) in the department of the Interdisciplinary Center for Mental Health of the Armed Forces (DKPSYED), participating under the supervision of individual, group and systemic therapies.

Finally, until today I collaborate with the Athletic Basketball Association of Panerythraikos, providing a safe and confidential framework for mental empowerment and support of athletes on an individual and team level, shaping and implementing individualized treatment plans according to the needs of each athlete. At the same time, I provide counseling services to parents and coaches aiming at jointly dealing with problems related to the athlete and with the ultimate goal of practicing and improving psychological skills as well as maximizing the performance of athletes.

I also work in the Adult Therapies Department of the Institute for Behavioral Research and Therapy. At the same time, I work privately providing individual psychotherapy services for adults, children and adolescents as well as couple therapy and parent counseling. I am a Regular Member of the Hellenic Psychological Association (BPS) of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and have received a Counseling Certification from the Confederation of Scottish Counseling Agencies (COSCA).

Speaker Services

Psychologist / Psychotherapist
Individual psychotherapy services for adults, children and adolescents
Couple therapy services
Parental Counseling
Mental empowerment and support of Panerythraikos basketball athletes


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The Psychological Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Sports. Ways to Manage and Return Athletes to Their Athletic Routine.


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19/02/2022 11:00