Dimitrios Tsoukas MSc | Leading Mind Speaker

Dr. Dimitrios Tsoukas is an Orthopedic Surgeon specialized in minimally invasive surgery, sports injuries and regenerative medicine.

He has been the Director of the Orthopedic Clinic of Sports Injuries in almost all major private hospitals in Athens and is the Founder and Director of the Minimally Invasive Orthopedic and Sports Surgery Center MIOSMED which is a certified global training center.

He has international publications, is an Unpaid Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA and has been the Chief Physician of the Greek National Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Teams, a member of the Medical Committee of the European Volleyball Federation and many other teams of all sports. He is the first orthopedist in Greece and Cyprus to perform mini-abdominal liposuction and isolation of adipose tissue stem cells to treat arthritis of the large joints and the first orthopedic surgeon in Europe to perform knee liposuction. For his pioneering technique he received the 2nd Greek Surgical Technology Award in 2021 from the Boussias Medical Awards.

He is certified in the world leading Lipogems technique for the use of adipose tissue stem cells and was a global trainer of the leading American Biotechnology Company Harvest TerumoBCT.

He recently founded the Elite Regenerative Clinic with advanced applications of orthobiological therapies.

Speaker Services

Sports and Regenerative Orthopedic Surgeon at HYGEIA Hospital
Director of the MIOSMED Center, accredited training center ISAKOS and ICRS
Founder of the Elite Regenerative Clinic


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Become the best version of yourself with the evolution of Medicine: Robots and VARs, stem cells, peptides, NAD + and more


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Date and Time

15/02/2022 18:00