Leading Greek and international speakers in Mental Health, Personal Development, Leadership, Business Development and Family, in collaboration with the Leading Minds Festival organizing team, offer 26 VIP Workshops exclusively for VIP members

The VIP Workshops will start to be implemented online after the end of the Festival on 20/02.

Elina Giachali

21/02/2022    19:00

Workshop to increase your financial freedom

Elio D' Anna

23/02/2022    19:00

Inner Economy: the answer to all and everything

Sophia Tsoli

24/02/2022    19:00

Profit multiplication strategy for small and middle business and freelance profession

nlpgreece® - Robert Dilts

25/02/2022     19:00

Success Factor Modeling™: The difference that makes the difference between poor, average and exceptional outcomes

Nina Kaloutsa

28/02/2022     19:00

The voice of success – How to speak to be remembered

Valentina Kordi

01/03/2022    19:00

Mental skills for professional success in a changing world.

Marianna Antonakaki ΜΑ & Mickey Feher

02/03/2022    19:00

Do it as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Walt Disney…

The innovation of the MindsetMaps™ program that studied Game Changers and their Mindset in a dual role:

– Consulting Web App Method for companies and entrepreneurs

– and for the 1st time in Greece as an International Certification for Mindset & Business Consultants.

Lia Zorzou PhD

03/03/2022     20:00

Experiential workshop “Welcome abundance into your life now!” 

5 steps that will help you change the results in the areas that YOU want, immediately! Be ready to change your life!

Cristiano Verducci

04/03/2022    19:00


Sarah Berzaoui

08/03/2022    19:00

Mother and Human Design:

How to raise my child according to its design

How to allow myself as a mother to live according to my design

Tina Archontiki & Stergios Vlachopoulos

09/03/2022    19:00

Stergios Vlachopoulos: The 18 critical competencies for Success in Sales and the 4 behavioral traits DISC

Tina Archontiki: Every day, do you feel that you are Surviving or Creating? Change your mind Create new results!


Nasos Fotopoulos

12/03/2022    19:00

Be the Leader of yourself and your life through Coaching!

Elli Papadopoulou, BSc, MBA

13/03/2022    11:00

Expanding your own fruitful narrative through archetypal energies

Mariangela Zanaki

13/03/2022    19:00

Mindfulness at Work: Achieve your goal without burnout. Small mindful habits for explosive effectiveness, wellness and mental resilience.

Yiannis Tzavlopoulos PhD

14/03/2022     19:00

 Choose the right partner and not the best one

Gordon Hellas

15/03/2022    19:00

Do’s and dont’s in raising our children

Konstantinos Karousis

16/03/2022    19:00

Τime management: Give me a break!

Morgan Goodlander

17/03/2022    17:45

The Wisdom of the Moment: The Gestalt Approach to Health and Wellbeing

Nancy Mallerou PhD - Malou Larsinou

17/03/2022     20:00

Functional self-leadership: How to build a functional life in demanding work environments

Dimitris Panopoulos

18/03/2022    19:00

Growth Mindset VS  Fixed Mindset

Iliostalakti Kontou, MD

19/03/2022    19:30

Immediate pain relief tools using relaxation and guided vision techniques

Gina Thanopoulou Ed.M. M.A.

20/03/2022    13:00

How to Manage Modern Challenges with Emotional Intelligence VALUES, EQ to be WINNERS of LIFE!

Ioannis Marketos MBA - Krateros Katsoulis

20/03/2022    19:00

Workplace Bullying: Defeat him!

Marea Laoutari

21/03/2022    19:00

Become the Architect of your Future

Learn how to set the right goals

Marea Laoutari

22/03/2022    19:00

Creative self-care: A means of navigating demanding times and beyond

Yannis Microyannakis

23/03/2022    19:00

The trilogy of the New Leader

Dr. Margarita Angeliki Schina

Evangelos Zoumbaneas

24/03/2022    19:00

Mindfulness Boost: A] Mindful Eating & B] The Nerve of Happiness.

A] Mindful Eating: The 4 Pillars of Conscious Nutrition that will change your diet in essence, once and for all.

B] The Nerve of Happiness: Dramatic reduction of stress and immediate increase of Happiness in your daily life

Ioanna Mari - Kostas Kafkalidis MD

30/03/2022    19:00

How can young people, in the 21st century, create healthy, happy, intelligent and creative children? Do you need learning for this?